Sixth Year Interviews Name: Eoin O Doherty Nickname: OD/ odance Hobbies: Football freestyling, dancing, and chatting to Ms. Foster en francais Biggest achievement: Being crowned the MCC bingo champion in 3rd year by Ms.Foster. Worst MCC memory: Coming runner up to Kevin Kilbane in PressPass. First thing you would buy if you won the lotto: A 12 pack of bog roll Biggest fear: Eternal quarantine Hidden talent: Missing penalties in cup finals Favourite quote: "No likey, no lighty" Dream haircut: Joe Exotic's mullet Goals for the future: Become president of the world. Name: Gavin Rowan Nickname: Des Occupation: Part time student, full time joke man Hobbies: Tinder, drinking coffee and searching for the love of my life Dream job: Professional grass cutter at Wembley Guilty pleasure: The smell of my own hydrogen sulphide Your biggest sporting hero: Nate Diaz Worst MCC memory: Getting caught around the back of the school Claim to fame: Represented Ireland in ping pong in the under 12 winter Olympics Craziest thing you've ever done: Took a ‘P’ from the Peace Bridge with my friend OD. Name: Nathan Harkin Nickname: Bart Hobbies: Doing English essays, cranking 90's and quick edits Hidden talent: Can play "We will rock you" on the triangle What will you not miss about MCC: 3rd years Plans when you leave: Beat Britney Spears in a race. Celebrity idol: Adam Johnson Best MCC memory: When Ferns set off the fire alarm in Scoil Mhuire and Mr.Gallagher benched him for the rest of the year. What's your type on paper: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice personality. 94

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