Name: Conor McCullough Sixth Year Interviews Name: Joey Harkin Hidden talent? Getting away with not wearing full uniform for 3 years in a row Best MCC memory? Every Irish class in 2nd year Worst MCC memory? Julia Brol hitting me in the eye with a golf club in TY What will you not miss about school? My 1st, 2nd and 3rd years Favourite chat up line? Are you the Coronavirus? Cause I can't stop looking Achoo! A quote you stand by: You can take a horse to water, you can shove his head in the water trough, but you can't make him drink. - Deirdre Guy Your biggest sporting hero? County Star Caoimhe Crumlish Dream car? Tesla Model X Song of the summer? Drip Report – Skechers Something you got in trouble for in MCC: Talking a couple times during class Worst MCC memory? The time I nearly got run over by some man not looking where he was going while reversing, as I was walking to the bus. Most memorable school trip? Trip to Italy. What will you not miss about MCC? The steps between the lower and the upper building.(get a slide) Motto: “Aspire to inspire before you expire” Advice for your first year self? It’s all downhill from here Your type on paper? Anything at this point Celebrity idol? Sherk TV show you would recommend? Riverdale, If you want to know how not write a show A quote you stand by? “You’re going to die anyway, you understand that right? Die with a good Snapchat going through” – Best year in MCC: This one, cuz its the last one :) Something you got into trouble for? Putting stuff up on my PRIVATE story 92 Name: Alice Gavigan Hobbies? I play Irish traditional fiddle and I dance too Hidden talent? I can recite the whole musical ‘Hamilton’ from start to finish off by heart Plans for when you leave? The dream is to be the Queen of the universe but more realistically a professional dancer Favorite motto? “Why be classy when you can be gassy?” Advice would you give your first year self? Get a life sweetie What’s your type on paper? A chicken nugget Celebrity idol? Me A quote you stand by? “If you doo-doo on yourself… and I live by that” - Tyler the creator Something you got in trouble for in MCC? Dad phoned me in maths and my phone couldn’t turn off. It was the first week of school in first year. My phone got confiscated and I was the baddest first year for a day

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