Junk Kouture Junk Kouture is a fashion competition using recycled materials, which challenges young people to design, create and model high-end couture from everyday junk! It takes in elements of fashion, design, engineering and environmental sustainability and transforms them into a creative contest like no other. This year the Transition year students of MCC entered the competition. Through a lot of design work, sampling materials, hard work, patience and extreme dedication our TY students created two fantastic “Kouture” costumes. Amphitrite created by team members Maisie Cardin, Ruth McNally and Alex McClay, and Regina Dolce created by Ella McKenna and Mairead McLaughlin. Amphitrite named after the Greek goddess of waterwas inspired by the sea, the team wanted to create a piece of fashion that demonstrated Reflection. They thought hard about the materials they would use, firstly they experimented with various plastics but settled with broken/cracked CDs. The CDs give the dress a fantastic bling especially when the light reflects off it. Regina Dolce – Regina translates in Italian as Queen and Dolce as the costume was inspired by the Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana. The team wanted their costume to have a royalty influence that explains why they used such high embellishment. The dress is made from Christmas decorations, old jewellery, old clothing, and corrugated cardboard. The teams worked endlessly on their costumes; the finished products were an absolute credit to them. A huge thanks to all their teachers that supported them, giving them permission to work extra time on their costumes, without this support the costumes never would have been created. The Northern Regional final took place at the Millennium Forum in Derry on the 27th March 2020. Our Transition Year students did a fantastic job of competing against 80 other costumes. The standard was incredibly high, and it was to our extreme delight and excitement that Regina Dolce was settled amongst only 12 others to go through to the grand Final in Dublin. We are now looking forward to the final in Dublin, which we hope will take place sometime in the autumn. 51

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