TY Trip to Derry Ronan, Lauren, Grainne, Leslie, Shane & Maya On February 14th the TY students who did not go on the ski trip got to take a trip to Derry with Mrs Lafferty. During this trip we got to visit the Museum of Free Derry which was very interesting. While in the museum we were greeted by one of the main operators John Kelly who gave us a personal insight into Bloody Sunday. He told us why the museum was opened and how a family member of his was one of many killed that day. He also showed us some of the ammunition used to kill people and we got to pass them around as a group. Everyone was shocked and surprised at the size of the bullets.When he finished the talk, he then took us to the museum where we started our tour. We watched an interactive video and then we walked around in our small groups. We found out so much from the tour and it was really a great experience.We got to see what they wore on the day they were killed and there were letters from loved ones of the people who had lost their lives. The museum was full of information and artefacts from that time. This was a very memorable experience which had a personal impact on some students whose relatives were present on Bloody Sunday. After the museum we then took a walk around the Derry Bogside Murals. We took photos as a class group in front of them all.The murals represented the Troubles. They were great artworks. We then headed to Brunswick Moviebowl were we saw the movie 1917. It was such a great movie. It represented World War 1 and it was based on true events. This movie was very interesting and everyone really enjoyed it. Overall this trip was great fun and it was certainly one of the highlights of TY. 52

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