I would also like to recognize the work of the Student Council, the Health Promoting Schools committee, the Cycle Against Suicide committee and the World Wide Global Schools committee for their work locally, nationally and internationally. Their work individually and collectively has enhanced the school’s experience of matters that have a local and global significance. To take one example: The Student Council has ensured that hot food is available to all pupils every day. The Health Promoting Schools group have ensured that it is of a high nutritional value. The WorldWise Global schools group ensures that it uses sustainable food and serving material where possible. This all feeds into to the promotion of positive mental health as espoused by the Cycle Against Suicide group. The process of making our school healthier will continue. As parents I feel you should be very proud of the range of activities and experiences that the school provides. It is a credit to your children, our students, the staff and the support of the Parent’s Association that these can happen. I ask that you support the work of the Parent’s Association whose contribution makes much of this work possible . Finally, I wish all our exam students every success in the State exams. To those who are studying for the Leaving Certificate – I thank you for everything that you brought to our school. Our school is a richer place for you having been here as a student. We will miss you, but seeing you move on to pastures new gives us a great sense of satisfaction. Anthony Doogan Principal 3

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