Acknowledgements Welcome to MCC Magazine 2020. This year’s edition is once again a showcase of and a testament to the considerable talents of MCC students and staff. There have been many significant events both inside and outside the school this year; this book provides a record of all of these. The recent closure of all schools due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent implications for the state examinations are a source of much uncertainty particularly for our exam students. Remote learning, social distancing and quarantine are buzz words we have all had to become accustomed to over the past three weeks. I have included a section of opinion articles/ features composed by our students in response to pandemic. We all hope that normal life as we know it will resume as soon as is safely possible. Special thanks must also be extended to Mr Monagle for his invaluable editorial assistance and design expertise, Ms Hegarty who created the beautiful cover at very short notice, TY students and all of my colleagues and students who contributed significantly to this edition. I apologise in advance for any oversights or omissions, because of the extenuating circumstances there may be many, and I do hope you enjoy reading the magazine. Go raibh maith agaibh. MCC Staff 2019 4

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