Behind the Brand MADEIT loui se maccauley Although Madeit is run from Perth by Louise McCauley, she will be the first to explain the business is Australia-wide with sellers located in every nook and cranny of this great country. Paying homage to founder, Bec Salter, who in 2008 started an online directory for Australian handmade brands that eventually evolved into a marketplace, Lou took over Madeit in late 2015 just before the birth of her second child. “I rebranded Madeit from ‘the handmade market open all day everyday’ to ‘The Australian Makers' Village’ in 2017; changed our business model to a subscription service; redesigned the website and started a PR and marketing campaign to relaunch Madeit as more than just a place to buy and sell crafts.” Lou continues to work hard to bring her vision for Madeit to fruition as a community where people can learn, share, buy, sell, collaborate and make Australian handmade products not only accessible but the first-stop option for any buyer. An additional goal was met this year when their sister site for craft supplies (formally Craftumi.com.au) was combined into the Madeit brand and website, all while being conscious not to dilute their handmade values. As an avid crafter since childhood and with a love of all things creative, Lou tells, “What drew me to Madeit when we were looking for a business was not only the fact that it is in an industry I love, but I loved the idea of a business that allowed me to contribute something positive to society and the environment, as well as have personal relationships with clients—a real sense of community. To me, handmade is a channel for ethical consumption and sustainable production. I also love that my role is supporting Australian small businesses and encouraging selfsufficiency and innovation through fostering an arts and crafts movement that combines old-world skills and modern design. But mostly, I love that Madeit provides family-friendly work options for Aussie families, just as it provides the same for me.” LOVE OF HOME | 2020 October Shopping Guide

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