However, Lou isn’t done yet. “My vision for the future of Madeit will not only focus on adding more functionality for our users, but to expand our offering to better support artistic collaboration and the promotion of indigenous artists.” Madeit is set apart from other craft marketplaces through a firm focus on Australian products only. They are the oldest and largest online marketplace dedicated to Australian handmade items. Although the sale of craft supplies has been integrated into the site, craft supplies and handmade items aren't intermingled as they are on other sites because Madeit doesn't want makers to have to compete with mass produced goods—ever. Lou furthers, “I want to support the arts and crafts movement, not just for small businesses, but for hobbyists and casual creators, so keeping Madeit as an open marketplace rather than a curated selection of crafts allows us to provide a platform to makers who are just starting out, all the way up to full-time businesses.” Switching to a simple subscription pricing structure from a commission fee and listing fee business model allows them to do that with a range of subscription options to suit any seller. “Beyond that, I'd like to think that our focus on community and customer service is what really sets Madeit apart. If you contact support or send a message through any of our social channels, you're speaking directly to me—the owner—so that guarantees the quality of service our sellers and customers receive. That personalised service for our whole community is what makes Madeit truly special.” LOVE OF HOME | 2020 October Shopping Guide

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