Lawrence Prospera High School Scholarship Fund Now in his Senior Year at St. John’s Prep (SJP) Victor has come a long way from the West Street campus of the Lawrence Family Development Charter School. Coming from a Pre-K through 8 charter school in Lawrence, freshman year at a private, all-boys, Catholic School in the suburbs was unexplored territory. He had to not only adjust to a larger class size, a new schedule, a new lunch structure, free-periods, many more teachers and strange extra-curriculars, but he also suddenly had a daily commute of more than fifteen minutes each way. Transitioning to SJP was not only getting used to the flow of a new school, but also learning more about himself. While initially drawn to SJP because of his interests in STEM, he discovered the mock trial club during his freshman year. Mock trial took him out of his comfort zone, but over the past three years he has become well-versed in courtroom techniques and case solving. As a native Spanish speaker, it would have been easy to study Spanish to fulfill his foreign language requirement. Instead he chose to expand his horizons and study Chinese and hopes to participate in SJPs annual student visit to China. Studying Chinese has helped him to better appreciate the many values of his own Puerto-Rican and Dominican cultures. As a senior, he is making decisions about his post-secondary education options. While he is currently undecided as to his college focus, he recognizes that he has many choices, including possible careers in engineering and law. “None of my assimilation to SJP would have been possible had it not been for the skills instilled in me during my time at LFDCS like hard work, organization, and simple confidence.” LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2021–2022 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 11

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