English as a Second Language Eulalia moved to the US from the Dominican Republic in 2012 when she was in her 50s. Despite being the primary childcare provider for her grandson, she rarely misses an ESL class at the Quintana Center, often walking several blocks in the rain, cold, or whatever the weather. Many students in her position would feel limited and discouraged by their age. She repeatedly expresses that her children do not want her to take English classes because they want to be able to rely on her for childcare. They also tell her she is “too old to learn” and that it will be too difficult for her. However, learning English is a goal she has set for herself and she is doing everything possible to achieve it. She participates in class with regularity and does very well in the written grammar work. Despite numerous obstacles, she tries her best to stay on top of the work and is not afraid to ask questions or seek help from her classmates and is just as quick to give it when she can. She was also an enthusiastic participant and champion of the workshops that the center offers. She attended all the workshops and was always ready with questions and often sang the praises of the workshops for exposing her to important information that is useful in her daily life. Eulalia's goal is to become a U.S. citizen, and her ultimate goal is to learn enough English to be able to go back to school and resume her prior profession as a teacher. 80% of Lawrence Residents Speak a Language other than English at Home 75% of Lawrence Residents Speak Spanish at Home 38% of Lawrence Residents Speak English Less Than “Very Well” US Census 2020 American Community Survey LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2021–2022 ANNUAL REPORT “ PAGE 12

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