Gang Resistence Intervention Team (GRIT) Basketball Program Pilot Outcomes  150 youth participated in the GRIT Basketball program  60 had the opportunity to play on tournament teams  60 regularly participated in activities at the SISU Center During the second half of FY22, with support from the Massachusetts Community Empowerment Program, Lawrence Prospera partnered with Sueños Basketball to pilot a revamped Gang Resistance Intervention Team (GRIT) program. Using basketball as a draw, the SISU and Sueños teams identified and worked with young people, ages 14 to 24, who are at high risk for gang recruitment. Sueños provided drop in basketball, skills training, intramural leagues, and AAU league play for over 100 boys and girls in two of Lawrence Prospera’s gyms. A spring tournament was held at Lawrence Prospera’s gym at 580 Haverhill Street for neighboring and like-minded programs the weekend before Easter. Three days a week, the SISU team provided a life skills / social-emotional development program and dinner at the SISU Center for GRIT participants.  25 completed the GRIT social-emotional workshops  90% avoided contact with the Criminal Justice system  85% regularly attended school and showed progress in their education maintaining no less than a C average LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2021–2022 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 10

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