LAWRENCE FAMILY DEVELOPMENT, INC. d/b/a Lawrence Pr spera Strengthening individuals & families . . . Developing thriving neighborhoods. .. FY’2020-2021 ANNUAL REPORT

BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER CLERK John Housianitis Dan Halloran Anne Hemmer Nazario Esquea FY’2020-2021 DIRECTORS Manny Gonzalez Frank Moran, Jr. Marta Rentas Walkiria Manzueta Rosanna Zingales-Lopez Edinson Mercedes Jesus Moore Henry Vargas Dan Matlack EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Ralph L. Carrero

From the President On behalf of the Board of Directors, administration, staff, participants and families that are served through all of Lawrence Family Development, Inc. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera’s programs, we present this Annual Report which covers July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. This FY’21 Annual Report reflects our unwavering commitment to our mission: Strengthening the individuals and families of Lawrence through the development of thriving neighborhoods. FY’21 was a year of transition for the staff and constituents of Lawrence Prospera. The year started out with the country still in full quarantine. Our focus was still on social distancing and the prevention of transmission of the COVID 19 virus. While our staff and constituents maintained relatively good health, we did lose members of our extended family to the deadly virus. As the year progressed and transmission slowed, we saw restrictions loosen both locally and nationally; and we were able to begin transitioning our programming away from fully remote to a hybrid model. Despite all of these challenges, Lawrence Prospera is proud of what we were able to accomplish:  Transitioning all programming to a remote learning model using the Zoom platform  Instituting a staff vaccination program  The gradual reintegration of staff and constituents back onto the campus and into hybrid and in-person programming  Launching an adult Spanish HiSET pilot program at the Quintana Center  Completing construction of the SISU Kitchen Like most of you, we were happy to say goodbye to 2020, and continue to be cautiously optimistic about what the future holds for Lawrence Prospera, the City of Lawrence, and the world as a whole. As we bring this past fiscal year to a close, we hope that this 2020-2021 Annual Report reflects our commitment to continuing to meet the needs of Lawrence through the mission of Lawrence Prospera and prompts readers and the Board of Directors to share our satisfaction for the future of Lawrence Prospera and its impact on the community. In addition, Lawrence Prospera continues to strive towards professionalism and excellence in all aspects of the organization by being a community-focused, non-profit service agency. Sincerely, John Housianitis, President Lawrence Prospera Ralph Carrero, Executive Director Lawrence Prospera LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020-2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 1

Our History… In 1991, with the support of the Anne E. Casey Foundation, the board and administration of the Lawrence Youth Commission (LYC) created the entity, now known as Lawrence Family Development. Inc. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera. Over the past 30 years, LFD, Inc. has launched and managed successful projects with a focus on education, community and leadership development. Some of those projects included a Career Center offering after-school programs—such as, Proyecto Alcance, Project Reach, City CORE, an Adult Leadership Development Program, which helped create a new generation of leaders immersed in the heritage and culture of the City’s immigrant community and the Parent Mobilization Project (PMP) which conducted resident-led, community-wide needs assessments. Our Evolution...building on the past to respond to the needs of today... Lessons learned from the Career Center, the AmeriCorps project and the urgent need to offer an education/ workplace program for seriously at-risk youth led to the creation of YouthBuild-Lawrence. Now, in its twenty-fifth cycle, YouthBuild-Lawrence continues to prepare young adults to earn their HiSET, gain job readiness skills, develop self-confidence and feel ownership in their community through building homes for low-income Lawrence families. The success of YouthBuild-Lawrence laid the foundation for LFD, Inc. to manage the City’s Safe and Successful Youth Initiative Grant Program and launch the SISU Youth Development Program. Building on the Adult Leadership Development Program and the Parent Mobilization Project (PMP), LFD, Inc. launched the Citizenship for New Americans’ Program. Volunteer facilitators from the PMP were trained to become citizenship and ESL educators and have assisted hundreds of immigrants attain United States citizenship. In 2006 the Maria del Pilar Quintana Family Center opened as the permanent home for LFD, Inc.’s adult education programs and continues to provide programming and support to the community of 1st , 2nd and 3rd generation Lawrencians. Through the PMP, the need for culturally-appropriate and highquality public education in Lawrence rose to the forefront of issues for which Lawrence Family Development began to address. 1991 Inaugural meeting of Lawrence Family Development and Parent Mobilization Project launches 1989 Career Center established at Lawrnece Public Library City CORE Program becomes one of the first AmeriCorps programs in Massachusetts LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT Education Fund, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) 1992 1993 YouthBuildLawrence Opens Lawrence Family Development Charter School opens as one of Massachusetts’ first charter schools LFDEF, Inc. receives funding to start Citizenship for New Americans’ Program PAGE 2 1995

In the mid-1990’s, with the support of LFD, Inc.’s Board, a group of committed educators engaged parents and submitted an application to open one of Massachusetts’ original fourteen public charter schools. Since its inception, the Lawrence Family Development Charter School has operated as an independent Massachusetts public school district and is an example of the power of community engagement. Raising Scholarships for Today’s Students and Endowing Scholarships for the Future Board designated funds for scholarships and the Patricia Foley Karl Endowment Scholarship Fund, named for the founding Executive Director/Superintendent of Lawrence Prospera and the Lawrence Family Development Charter School, ensures that promising 8th graders are able to attend a private secondary school, if they choose. For over ten years, LFD, Inc. has dispersed 4-year scholarships to LFDCS graduates who have attended some of New England’s most prestigious and rigorous secondary schools. Providing the Places and Spaces where we are “developing thriving neighborhoods ” Today, facility assets of LFD, Inc. are valued at over eleven million dollars, and LFD, Inc. ensures stabile, safe and welcoming structures that foster LFD, Inc.’s mission and revitalizes its neighborhoods. LFD continues to update and renovate the City’s real estate. In FY’20 , LFD, Inc. completed the building and sale of a singlefamily home on Jackson Street to a first-time homebuyer and began renovations and updates to the Orange Wheeler House on Haverhill Street. In the coming year, LFD will also begin to renovate the unused side of the Railroad Street campus. With our wealth of real estate, LFD, Inc. has developed and fostered lasting relationships with community partners. For over 20 years, LFD, Inc. has leased building space and land and provided management services to the Lawrence Family Development Charter School. LFD, Inc. also provides operating space and management services to the Lawrence Early Achievement Partnership (LEAP) program and Casa Dominicana, a small non-profit dedicated to promoting Dominican culture in Lawrence. LFD, Inc. establishes LFDCS Scholarship and PFK Endowment Scholarship Funds 2007 2012 Academy for Early Academic Preparation Opens LFD , Inc. becomes approved Targeted Assistance Turnaround Operator LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT LFD, Inc. opens the SISU Youth Development Center 2017 2018 LFD, Inc. rebrands as Lawrence Prospera PAGE 3 FY’22

OUTCOMES The three components of Lawrence Prospera are Providing: Alternative Education, Workforce Development, Social Emotional Development, Case Management, Mental Health for High Risk Youth SISU Center 156 Participants Received Services 130 Males and 26 Females 20 Housing Assistance 74 Mental Health Services 47 In Education Program 10 Completed ESL 53 Received Subsidized Employment 39 Placed In Unsubsidized Employment ESL, Citizenship, Financial Literacy, Workforce Development, Computer Literacy for Immigrants Quintana Center 225 Classroom slots filled 305 Unique individuals 85 Citizenship classes 183 ESL classes 81% showed improvement 25% retention rate 63 Immigrants assisted with the naturalization process at the Quintana Center Direct Scholarship Fund 13 graduates from the Class of 2021 received scholarships from the Direct Scholarship Fund $110,519 Raised for scholarships through fundraising and individual donors $77,550 47 Scholarships awarded for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 graduates and alumni LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 4

SISU Little Free Library Project During the summer of 2020, amidst the nationwide lockdown, the SISU participants were tasked with developing a community service project that addressed a social need while working within the current social and public health climate in the City. Reflecting on their own interests and needs, as well as those of their children and younger siblings, they identified literacy education as an area they wished to focus on. Through research and regional connections, SISU came across the Little Free Library Project. With SISU’s experience building affordable housing, the Little Free Library Project was the perfect fit. Since early September, a small team of proven-risk Lawrence young people have been working with SISU’s Construction team to design and build the libraries. They have worked with the SISU Outreach Team to recruit businesses to sponsor the libraries in locations around the City with an eventual goal of 50 Libraries. 197 Parker Street 394 Broadway LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT 96 East Haverhill St 107 Essex St Lowell & Margin St PAGE 5

SISU - YouthBuild Lawrence Danylka’s entire world changed with the sudden death of her brother in October of 2017. She struggled with deep depression, and could not keep up with her classes and in 2019, she withdrew from Lawrence High School. In the fall of 2020, Danylka was referred to the YouthBuild Lawrence program at the SISU Center and began classes to prepare for the HiSET exams. Despite holding a part-time job, she attended classes, worked hard, and started to rebuild her confidence. Danylka began HiSET testing in early 2021. While she was hard on herself when she did not get a passing score, she did not give up and within several months she had completed the exams and earned her High School Equivalency Certificate. She will also soon earn her NCCER certification for construction through YouthBuild Lawrence. “While at SISU, I was able to start my own nail salon business, and I am working towards my nail tech certification.” LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 6

SISU - EARN When Scottie was 9 years old his father was incarcerated on federal drug charges. Scottie’s family kept the truth about his father from him until a family friend let it slip. He was crushed. Not long after his step-father was picked up for immigration violations, and by the time he was a teen, the two most significant men in his life had unintentionally abandoned him. By 13, Scottie was out of control. He stopped attending school and was getting into fights in the streets. At 17, he was committed to DYS for auto theft, and in 2017 was sentenced to 18 months in jail for grand larceny and firearm possession. While in jail, he had the time to reflect on his life and goals moving forward. After his release he learned about the SISU program from a friend, and he joined SISU’s EARN program where he worked with the staff to create an Individual Success Plan with set goals and community resources. In April of 2020, Scottie enrolled in a HVACR program and is due to graduate in October as a HVACR technician. “ SISU provided me with the tools I needed in my life when I was feeling desperate for a positive change. Now I find myself in a better place in my life and consider myself a positive member of the community.” LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 7

SISU Kitchen Project In early 2018, Lawrence Prospera began work on a commercial kitchen at the SISU Center. Despite the best of intentions, the project experienced multiple bumps and delays along the way. On September 13, 2018, an explosion in the natural gas lines owned by Columbia Gas of Massachusetts rocked Lawrence and most of the Merrimack Valley. The cleanup dragged well into the fall of 2019. As Lawrence Prospera was trying to finish the installation of the water and sewer lines, almost every plumber with any connection to the area was working as part of the clean up effort. In late 2019, Lawrence Prospera had started meeting with plumbers to discuss the completion of the project. On March 16, 2020 the country shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the kitchen project was again stalled. The original two week shutdown stretched on for months as did the halt in work on the kitchen. In the spirit of SISU, Lawrence Prospera remained resilient. As the country began to return to a new normal, work on the kitchen resumed . During the Spring of 2021, work on the kitchen was completed and in the fall of 2021, the kitchen will prepare daily meals for the SISU Center, the Lawrence Family Development Charter School, and the Community Day Charter School Network. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 8

As restrictions eased, SISU Staff partnered with the Lawrence Police Department to deliver ice cream in hard hit neighborhoods. Staff used Zoom to replace in-person programming during the lockdown LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 9

Lawrence Prospera High School Scholarship Fund Before he was a budding, young film maker, Estarlyn was a student at the Lawrence Family Development Charter School and a Reach for the Stars scholarship recipient. Estarlyn moved from the Dominican Republic to Lawrence when he was 10. With help from the Lawrence Prospera scholarship fund, Estarlyn became a star student at St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA. At St. John’s he was a member of the National Honor Society, he received the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, and the St. John’s Prep Xaverian Award. In 2017, he graduated with honors from St., John’s. Estarlyn received numerous scholarships to continue his academic career at Providence College. Estarlyn became interested in film while a student at St. John’s and began making short films during his freshman year at Providence. In his short time as a film maker, his work has been selected for numerous regional and international film festivals, including winning Best Comedy Short Film at the Istanbul Film Awards in February of this year. Estarlyn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Providence this past Spring and is taking a couple of years to expand his portfolio of work on major studio movie productions in Boston, MA & Providence, RI. He plans to move to the West Coast by 2023 to work in the film industry in Los Angeles. 2021 Scholarship Recipients are attending:: Central Catholic High School Clark School Darien High School Deerfield Academy Glastonbury High School Lowell Catholic High School Miss Hall’s School Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT Phillips Academy Andover Pingree School Ridgefield High School St. John’s Prep PAGE 10

During FY21, 15 Quintana Center Clients were sworn in as Naturalized United States Citizens. During FY21, the Quintana Center assisted 63 clients as part of the Citizenship and Naturalization program: 43 Clients received assistance with the N-400 application for Naturalization 10 Clients received assistance with the I-90 Green Card application As just one of two Department of Justice recognized non-profit agencies in the City of Lawrence, Lawrence Prospera’s Quintana Center assists legal permanent residents with the process of becoming naturalized U.S. Citizens. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 11

Quintana — Casa Dominicana ESL “One of my goals is to learn English completely in order to continue my university studies and then get the job of my dreams.” Esmerlin is a 21 year old student from the Dominican Republic. She has completed several sessions of Saturday Casa Dominicana ESL classes at the Quintana Center. Esmerlin has shown extraordinary dedication to her studies. She regularly takes on extra work in and outside of class to continue improving her language skills. Her dedication has been rewarded and she has progressed quickly through the levels of ESL. She often works with other students in her classes who are not as comfortable with the language. Esmerlin’s goal is improve her English enough to enroll in University. She is working towards taking the English Placement test at a few of the local colleges to see how much further English instruction she will need before she can return to life as a full time college student and pursue her ultimate goals. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 12

Quintana—ESL/ Citizenship  Tashira left the Dominican Republic looking for more opportunities for her family. Her determination to learn English and become a US Citizen brought her to the Quintana Center. Tashira works full time at home as a baker and is the proud mother of four children. Remote learning during the pandemic reinforced her need to be able to assist her children with their schoolwork and strengthened her resolve to learn English. Her schedule keeps her busy and on days she is not able to make it to class, she communicates with her teacher over the phone and reviews the material covered in class. Despite the difficulties of the past year, Tashira has persevered in her commitment to creating a better life for herself and her children, and she hopes soon she is able to expand her baking business to the non-Spanish speaking community. Due to the pandemic, the Quintana Center was forced to limit the number of students attending in-person classes for the ESL program. Students were able to participate either in-person or remotely based on their comfort level and the availability of seats. Despite these limitations, 183 students completed an ESL class during the past fiscal year. LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 13

Contributors (Foundations, Friends, Family Donors) Adrenaline Fundraising The Amelia Peabody Foundation Boston Red Sox Brakebush Brothers Lynn Capozzi Jennifer Carlson-Pietraszek Ralph & Ana Carrero Ian Carroll Lindsay Cavanagh Charlotte Home Central Rock Gym Stoneham City of Lawrence Clark School Coco Rays Cummings Foundation Bill and Liz Dellaccio Reynold Dodson Dr. Susan Earabino Eastern Bank ECCF Kathy & Larry Feltz Filene’s Foundation Gardner Howland Shaw Foundation John Gifford Michael and Margaret Giovannini Josh and Melissa Green Virginia Griffith Elizabeth Guilbeault John & Eleanor Heithaus Krokidas & Bluestein Linda Hurley MA Dept. of Elem. & Sec. Education Judith & Stephen Marley Massachusetts YouthBuild Coalition LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 14

n Contributors cont. (Foundations, Friends, Family Donors) Master Tropical Pizza Dan and Allison Matlack Anita McDowell Jay and Beth McFadyen Merrimack Valley General Fund Mifflin Family Foundation State Representative Christina Minicucci Modern Vandal State Representative Frank Moran Moseley Foundation Liv & Mike Nash The New Balance Foundation Damien Newman Nordson Foundation Alberto Nunez People’s United Bank Susan Perry Richard Purinton Runway Beauty Bar Al Sapienza Spencer Purinton Russell & Stearns Trusts Ms. Elisia Saab Bill Squires & Family Shannon Grant Helen Schissler The Stevens Foundation US Dept. of Labor United Way Panos Voulgaris John Waldstein Michael Walsh, CPA Dee and King Webster Memorial Fund Alexander & Anne White William Wood Foundation YouthBuild USA LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 15

Revenue Grants Participant Fees Contributions Management Fee Rental Income Other Total Revenue Expenses Personnel Expenses Program expenses Occupancy Interest expense Administration Total Expenses Depreciation Increase in Net Assets $1,608,813 $89,651 $520,084 $757,100 $1,589,822 $3,933 $4,569,403 $2,316,272 $439,064 $586,078 $204,453 $154,015 $3,699,882 $498,226 $440,572 The SISU Screen Printing Shop has begun bringing in additional revenue for Lawrence Prospera. During the spring of 2021, SISU completed a large t-shirt print for the University of Massachusetts Medical School LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 16

LAWRENCE PROSPERA Administration Executive Director Director of Finance Administrative Assistant Director of Program Development Technology Coordinator Technology Assistant Technology Assistant Accounts Payable/Procurement Officer Payroll Accountant Grant Accountant GL Accountant Human Resources Director Nutritional Services Director Nutritional Aide Maintenance Supervisor Facilities and Nutritional Staff Ralph L. Carrero Susan Perry Susan Lyons Paul Heithaus Tony Schumann Brian Lopez-Cornier Sarom Chum Kathy Moriconi Elizabeth Guilbeault Robin Hatfield Masa Hagiya Scott Flagg Justin Hodgkins Ninotchka Burgos Daniel Guzman Aleyda Falette, Rosaura Perez de Guzman, Rafael Lopez-Contreras, Moises Gutierrez Matos, Juan Hernandez, Raymond Mejia, Antonio Melo, Ines Sandoval SISU Youth Development Programs Manager of SISU Center Programs Academic Instructor Construction Manager Lead Client Services Specialist Client Services Specialist Client Services Specialist Lead Street Outreach Worker Street Outreach Worker Street Outreach Worker Program Specialist Music and Recording Specialist Jay Bartoszek Shauna Kirkpatrick Jose Gonzales Jahnilsa Cartagena Amy Mackenzie Nuria Rivera David Pardo Alex “House” Santiago Ana Maldonado Kevin Smith Paul Thompson Maria del Pilar Quintana Family Center Director of Family Center Administrative Assistant, Family Center Zulma Liriano Melany Morales LAWRENCE PROSPERA FY’2020–2021 ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 17

LAWRENCE FAMILY DEVELOPMENT, INC. d/b/a Lawrence Prospera ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE: Tel: (978) 224-8808 * Fax: (978) 689-8133 355 Haverhill Street, Lawrence, MA 01840 * www.lawrenceprospera.org SISU YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS SISU Center, 417 Canal Street, Lawrence, MA 01840 * (978) 681-0548 MARIA DEL PILAR QUINTANA FAMILY CENTER 404 Haverhill Street, Lawrence, MA 01841 * (978) 794-5399

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