HOSTING FAMILY FOR SPRING BREAK? March is a traditional time for family and friends to escape the cold up north and come to visit those lucky enough to live at Lake Ashton. Remember that when you see a visiting grandchild they are guests of your neighbors so please extend every courtesy possible. Residents, please be tolerant of extra activity at the pool and other Clubhouse amenities. Those hosting family should remind them to be considerate of residents in this 55 and older community. It is helpful if a resident accompanies their guests at any of the amenities. Golf carts should be driven only by those 14 years and older in Lake Wales and 16 years and older in Winter Haven. All drivers (car and golf carts) must observe the stop signs and 20 mph speed limit. Adults should not place young children on their laps between them and the steering wheel as this creates a hazardous condition for the children in the case of a panic stop or accident. JOINT AMENITIES POLICY Each month an excerpt from the newly adopted Joint Amenities Policy will be featured in the LA Times. The full policy can be found on the CDD websites: lakeashtoncdd.com or lakeashton2cdd.com. Listed below is the specific policy that is in place for the Pavilion at the Clubhouse. Recently Staff has noticed the Pavilion being left dirty with trash not properly disposed of in the dumpster (east parking lot) and grills not being cleaned following residents functions. Please be mindful of #5 below. The facilitator of the group or reservation holder is solely responsible for ensuring all of these policies are adhered to when utilizing this specific Amenity. Please reach out to Christine Wells, LA (LW) CDD Community Director via email at (cwells@lakeashtoncdd.com) with any questions. PAVILION (page 21) 1. Reservations can be made through the Amenities Manager’s office. 2. The Pavilion is furnished with tables, chairs, fans, electricity, and grills. If you are unsure how to operate the grills or need assistance with any equipment, please contact the Amenity Manager or Staff for instructions. No grills or smokers are allowed inside the pavilion. 3. If, at any time, the equipment at the Pavilion fails to operate properly, please contact the Amenity Manager or Staff for assistance. 4. Guests must be eighteen (18) years of age and older to operate the grills. 5. Ensure that the Pavilion and surrounding area is clean and free from trash and debris following any function. Patron who reserves and holds a function at the pavilion and fails to clean up and return it to the condition in which it was obtained may be charged a cleanup fee by the Amenity Manager. 6. Room reservations are non-exclusive. At the Amenity Manager’s discretion and depending upon scheduling availability, reservations for multiple groups may be booked at the same time in this room. When multiple group activities are scheduled, please be courteous of others. MUNICIPAL ELECTION FOR CITY OF LAKE WALES The Regular Municipal Election for the City of Lake Wales will be held Tuesday, April 4. There are two seats up for election: Seat 3, (currently held by Commissioner Terrye Howell) and Seat 5 (currently held by Commissioner Robin Gibson). These seats are for three year terms. Lake Ashton residents living in Lake Wales can vote in person in the Clubhouse Ballroom on Election Day or contact the Supervisor of Elect ions at 863-534-5888 to request an absentee ballot. The polls are open from 7 am to 7pm. Please be sure to bring a photo ID. To find out more, visit polkelections.com for a sample ballot or contact the City of Lake Wales City Clerk at 863-678-4182. Please note: Due to elections there will be no activities in the Ballroom and no movies shown on this day. The Activities Office will remain open from 9 am - 5 pm.

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