LAIICDD NEWS By Jim Mecsics, Chairman, LAIICDD Board of Supervisors LA II CDD B O ARD O F SU P ERVISO RS CONTA CT INF O Jim Mecsics, Chairman Public Safety, Security, Amenities and District Support, Public Works, Infrastructure, Wetland Resident Project Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:30 am to 12 pm 863.875.4554, mecsicsj@msn.com Bob Zelazny, Vice Chairman Golf Course, Pro Shop, Eagle’s Nest, Facilities and Field Operation, Transportation System (roads, bridges, paths, etc.) Office Hours: Mondays 1 to 3 pm 863.325.8098, bzelazny@lakeashton2cdd.com Mary C. Clark, Assistant Secretary Budget, Planning 252-503-7087, maryclark725@gmail.com Angela Littlewood, Assistant Secretary Special Projects, Landscaping Area including Pet Play Parks Office Hours: Thursdays 9 to 10:30 am 352.250.9707, alittlewoodlakeashton2cdd@gmail.com Roy Aull, Assistant Secretary Facilities and Field Operation Office Hours: Friday 9 to 10:30 am 973-670-2709, raull@lakeashton2cdd.com photo by David Muller As you all know, Mary Bosman retired from her duties as Community Director at Lake Ashton after a truly outstanding career. The Board is now actively seeking candidates to fill that position. At our recent meeting, the job description for Community Director was reviewed and changes made to best reflect what the position encompasses, along wi th the exper ience and qualifications desired. The Board designated a supervisor, Mary Clark, to work with the District Manager to advertise for candidates as well as doing an initial screening for those best suited. Once that is accomplished, a list of candidates will be presented to the Board for review and selection at a future meeting. The Board is also doing a strategic planning process to define future needs and requirements. The meeting in March will start with a Strategic Planning Workshop followed by a general meeting. We encourage all of you to contact your supervisors to provide any input you might have for the planning process. The Board looks forward to working with the new Community Director as we go into the third decade of Lake Ashton II CDD operations! 10

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