LACDD LACDD NEWS BOA R D O F SUP E RVISO R S CONTA CT INF O Lloyd Howison, Chairman 704-302-6555, lhowison@lakeashtoncdd.com Brenda Van Sickle, Vice Chair 863-324-6191 brenda.vansickle@lakeashtoncdd.com Michael Costello, Assistant Secretary 863-875-9228 or 732-718-7431, mcostello@lakeashtoncdd.com Debby Landgrebe, Assistant Secretary 863-268-8193 dlandgrebe@lakeashtoncdd.com Office Hours: 10 to 11 am July 31 in the Clubhouse Ballroom after Monday Coffee Steve Realmuto, Assistant Secretary 863-949-0304, steve.lacdd@gmail.com Office Hours: 10 to 11 am July 3, 10, 17 & 31 in the Clubhouse Ballroom after Monday Coffee By Christine Wells, LA (LW) CDD Community Director Long days, short nights, afternoon thunderstorms, and flowers blooming bright … summer is officially here! Many residents are taking trips to visit family and friends while others are enjoying guests at Lake Ashton. It is great to see residents proudly showing their visitors the beautiful amenities and even more enjoyable to meet those who mean so much to them. Be sure to register guests at the Health and Fitness Center (HFC) or Clubhouse before taking them to the amenities. The Community Director's new office is now located near the East entrance to the Clubhouse in what used to be the Conference Room. The previous office was recently turned into a muchneeded storage closet. The Operations Manager's new office is located near the Community Director's office. The entrance is on the outside of the building on the East side of the building, what used to be the Lake Wales HOA Office. Feel free to stop by and say hi! At the June Board meeting, Supervisors reviewed the combined security options proposals that were included in the agenda packet. Further discussion will take place at the Joint Board of Supervisors meeting that will be held on July 21 at 11 am in the Community Center at the Health and Fitness Center (HFC). A plan that includes potentially switching the current spaces that are being occupied by the Media Center and Card Room and possibly adding a third pool table to the Game Room and relocating the poker tables will be presented at the July meeting per the Board's request. Supervisors reviewed the combined list of strategic planning and reserve study projects for fiscal year 2024. Further discussion regarding this potential project list will occur at the July meeting. A quote was approved to pressure wash and seal the bridges on the East Golf Course. Staff at the Clubhouse and HFC (Health and Fitness Center) work hard everyday to ensure residents live their best retirement life at Lake Ashton. If there is an activity or service that is not currently offered but necessary to accomplish this goal please contact Christine Wells, LA (LW) CDD Community Director at cwells@lakeashtoncdd.com or James Margeson, LAII (WH) CDD Community Director at jmargeson@lakeashton2cdd.com. We hope residents enjoy this edition of the LA Times and are pleased with the effort staff puts forth to ensure residents enjoy the best years of their life!

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