THANK YOU, DAVID HARRISON! Those who have ever attended a Monday Coffee most likely have had the pleasure of hearing a Blast from the Past presentation, where David took everyone 40 years back in time to reminisce about special events, superstars that turn 40, those that have passed on, and even the number 1 song for the month. If you are lucky you may have even had the chance to hear him sing a number 1 song. David retired from giving the "Blast from the Past" presentations at the end of 2022 after 14 years. Although he will not be doing Blast from the Past presentations any longer at Monday Coffee, residents can still say hi to him at the Clubhouse Activities Office on Thursdays from noon - 2 pm. David, thank you for all you do for Lake Ashton! THANK YOU! A special Thank you! to the Lake Ashton Performing Arts Corporation (LAPAC) for their help with the Rockin' New Year's Eve Party at the Clubhouse. Thank you to: Mark Graham and David Greer for their help from start to finish for this event. They did everything from hanging balloons to building our set and everything in between. The amazing artist Patty Wallner hand painted/created the Times Square set, graffiti wall, and the trees in "Central Park". Marlon Nettleton, our "MC" for the night. Lynn Shelton, our Times Square Ball curator and design coordinator. Cheryl Winchester for securing/organizing the resident street performers and thank you to the street performers themselves! Mary Harrison and Gail Prowant for creating our amazing street signs and everyone else that had a hand in this event. You all are so appreciated. There were many volunteer hours invested in making this event a success and we thank you all. BEST WISHES TO YOU, MARY BOSMAN! Mary began her tenure at Lake Ashton working for the developer at the Clubhouse. She took on many responsibilities and ultimately became the Community Director for LAIICDD. She has truly put her blood, sweat, and tears into making Lake Ashton "Simply the Best" Mary has been an integral part of the Lake Ashton community for over 17 years and we are all going to miss her tremendously. We wish her an enjoyable retirement with many more happy memories to come! Thank you for all you have done for Lake Ashton! Your work will definitely carry on and be part of Lake Ashton forever.

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