LAIICDD NEWS By Mary Bosman, LAIICDD Community Director LA II CDD B O ARD O F SU P ERVISO RS CONTA CT INF O Jim Mecsics, Chairman Public Safety, Security, Amenities and District Support, Public Works, Infrastructure, Wetland Resident Project Office Hours: Tuesdays 9:30 am to 12 pm 863.875.4554, mecsicsj@msn.com Bob Zelazny, Vice Chairman Golf Course, Pro Shop, Eagle’s Nest, Facilities and Field Operation, Transportation System (roads, bridges, paths, etc.) Office Hours: Mondays 1 to 3 pm 863.325.8098, bzelazny@lakeashton2cdd.com Mary C. Clark, Assistant Secretary Budget, Planning 252-503-7087, maryclark725@gmail.com Angela Littlewood, Assistant Secretary Special Projects, Landscaping Area including Pet Play Parks Office Hours: Thursdays 9 to 10:30 am 352.250.9707, alittlewoodlakeashton2cdd@gmail.com Roy Aull, Assistant Secretary Facilities and Field Operation Office Hours: Friday 9 to 10:30 am 973-670-2709, raull@lakeashton2cdd.com It’s easy to look back after 17 years and recall some great times with many great people at Lake Ashton. Laughing (a lot), crying, and plenty of feelings in between have been shared! Years of austerity and years a bit more comfortable for LA II CDD have proven interesting to say the least. The success of the LA II CDD over the years has been in large part, to its commonsense leadership by our Board of Directors. Some names have changed but the underlying vision to bring an enhanced quality of life to residents without breaking the bank/raising assessments has remained the same. Our loyal staff and volunteers have contributed in many ways to the ongoing success of operations and activities. I have two parting requests…please be kind and respect one another and help my successor out whenever possible. I will certainly miss Lake Ashton staff and of course, you residents! If you’re traveling through South Carolina, look us up…you’re always welcome! Happy Valentine’s Day! The HFC will be hosting several activities this month to promote caring. Dances, seminars, and the introduction of new PT, OT, ST, and other services will be among them. The new roof on the HFC will be completed by the time this goes to press and I’d like to thank all our wonderful staff and residents who endured gracefully, the unavoidable inconveniences during that time. The cart bridge by the driving range will also have been completed. Maintenance will have their canopy up to preserve the pipes, heaters, and pumps from sun damage at the HFC also. The finalizing of the Joint Amenities Policies document has been a long, and sometimes tedious effort to complete, but it has recently happened. Always the goal was to unify Lake Ashton and clarify how the Amenities run smoothly.

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