LACDD NEWS By Christine Wells, LA (LW) CDD Community Director LACDD BOA R D O F SUP E RVISO R S CONTA CT INF O Lloyd Howison, Chairman 704-302-6555, lhowison@lakeashtoncdd.com Brenda Van Sickle, Vice Chair 863-324-6191, brenda.vansickle@lakeashtoncdd.com Michael Costello, Assistant Secretary 863-875-9228 or 732-718-7431, mcostello@lakeashtoncdd.com Debby Landgrebe, Assistant Secretary 863-268-8193, dlandgrebe@lakeashtoncdd.com Steve Realmuto, Assistant Secretary 863-949-0304, steve.lacdd@gmail.com Office Hours: February 20, 10 am to noon in the Clubhouse Conference Room Friendship is one of the many reasons Lake Ashton is "Simply the Best". It is what helps you through the hard times and makes the good times lasting memories. There are many avenues available to facilitate the growth of existing friendships and assist in the formation of new friendships, as seen in this edition of the LA Times. With the community at build-out and new residents always moving in, there are many new people to meet. Be sure to reach out to new neighbors and welcome them to the community! You never know why a person moved to Lake Ashton but you may make that decision the best one they ever made! Love one another, treat each other with respect, and live each day to its fullest. There was a Joint Board of Supervisors meeting on January 20 where the Joint Amenity Facilities Policies was approved and is now posted on lakeashtoncdd.com. Starting again in March, articles will be included in the LA Times each month highlighting a different section of the policy so residents become familiar with the policies. Please contact Community Director Christine Wells at cwells@lakeashtoncdd.com with any questions. At the January meeting, LACDD Supervisors approved the Restaurant lease, with changes. Residents should stay tuned to email blasts for more information regarding the opening date for Charm City at Lake Ashton. Quotes to repair some of the Restaurant refrigeration equipment, in addition to a quote to purchase replacement AED units were approved. There is an AED unit in the Clubhouse hallway near the restrooms and on the Roving Security golf cart. Supervisors and Staff continually evaluate cost savings measures at the Clubhouse. An update is given at each Board of Supervisors meeting under the Community Director report. A wrap up report of additional actions taken was sent out January 24 via email blast. The first Annual Club Expo was held in the Clubhouse Ballroom on January 17. It was a huge success with many positive comments from facilitators and residents. Due to the overwhelming success of the Club Expo, this will become an annual event at the Clubhouse so that all Lake Ashton Clubs, Groups, and Organizations will have a chance to be part of it. Thank you to all the facilitator volunteers that came out to make this a success! It was great seeing everyone working together.

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