TUESDAY PARTY By George Rogers Winners for December and January sessions with some notable scores: Dec. 13: John Sammons, Chris Verges, Judy Marine, and George Rogers. Dec. 20: John Sammons (with an amazing 5,120 points in a Chicago scored 24 hands), Marge Kniat (3,720), Howard Mayne, and Judy Marine. Dec. 27: Jeannine Connors, Char Walters, Liz Leigh, and Pat Sammons. Jan. 3: John Sammons, Jeannine Connors, Howard Mayne, and Janis Vasquenza. Jan. 10: Marge Kniat (with an amazing 4,470 points in 24 hands), Mafie Walker, Dee Mayne, and Jeannine Connors. Party Bridge is open to all levels of bridge players. There are open, friendly discussions of played hands so everyone has a chance to improve their play, or to merely gossip. Please call or message George Rogers if you wish to be signed up to play Tuesdays at 1:45 pm in the Clubhouse Card Room. DUPLICATE BRIDGE By Don Fuller A duplicate bridge game is held every Monday in the Clubhouse Ballroom from 12:45 until approximately 3:30 pm. Advance sign up is encouraged using the duplicate bridge notebook on the Clubhouse Information Wall. A partner is required. For assistance finding a partner or for more information, please contact Don Fuller at Dfuller627@yahoo.com. Dec. 19, North/South: 1st Marian Oshinsky & Jane Gibbons, 2nd George Rogers & Ralph Ritter, 3rd Don Fuller & Jim Ford, East/West: 1st Keith Stevens & Barb Cassidy, 2nd Chris Verges & Jeannine Connors, 3rd Sonny Robinson and Pat Foster Jan. 2, North/South: 1st Jim Ford & Don Fuller, 2nd Judy Robertson & Dana Cunningham, 3rd Roger Nelson & Marion Nelson, East/West: 1st Keith Stevens & Barb Cassidy, 2nd Marge Kniat & Judy Marine, 3rd Chris Verges & Jeannine Connors Jan. 9: North/South: 1st Sonny Robinson & Dana Cunningham, 2nd Barb Cassidy & Keith Stevens, 3rd Marian Oshinsky & Chris Verges, East/West: 1st Pauline Pare & Nelda Sedlacek, 2nd John Sammons & Pat Sammons, 3rd Graham Littlehales & Tom Fleming

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