Pauline Massy a current PMHN student Pauline Massy, a current PMHN student, was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in an underprivileged environment subjected her to different challenges. People within the local society suffered with mental illness and resources were limited in order to satisfy their needs. Many patients were told that a curse was the cause of their problems. The struggles encountered by people from her home country motivated her desire to pursue a career in mental health. Her passion to make a difference not only in the local settings but around the globe began to develop from a young age. She had something to offer society and could make a difference. There were many different motivations behind her pursuit of the nursing profession, but she believes that our desires are inherent and are put in us. Pauline had a desire to help the underserved and marginalized in society. This deep desire is what made her the perfect candidate for the Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. Her craving tailored to improving patients care and enlightening the lives of the underserved population are at the heart of what the Nurse Corps aims to do. In the last few years, Pauline has worked as a mental health nurse and gained abundant knowledge that helps her thrive in her studies. Pursuing nursing has always been in her heart and the desire to serve the underserved has never faded. Perseverance, passion and inspiration have brought her this far, and the knowledge acquired through her job, voluntary activities, internships, and education are what prepares her for the professional task. *story adapted from essays written by Pauline for the HRSA Scholarship she received* In October 2019, Pauline informed us that she received the HRSA Scholarship as part of the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment program. We want to say congratulations to Pauline and look forward to watching how she continues to change the world.

Spotlight NANCY HALDERMAN Nancy Halderman, Budget Manager and Associate Director of Community Partnerships, is the Chair for the April AACN BONUS meeting. The Business Officers of Nursing Schools (BONUS) Annual Meeting will be held on April 22-24, 2020. The annual meeting will focus on exploring trends, strategies, and innovations in academic nursing administration. Congratulations to Drs. Angela Bailey, Penny Callaway, and Teresa Ousley on the completion of their doctoral degrees! Interprofessional Certificate in HUMAN TRAFFICKING STUDIES Indiana Wesleyan University now offers a Certificate in Human Trafficking Studies with an interprofessional focus. The Certificate in Human Trafficking Studies provides foundational knowledge of human trafficking principles, policies, and approaches from a Biblical worldview. The knowledge gained will enhance the learner’s ability to engage in the antihuman trafficking arena in their respective disciplines and broaden individual knowledge base. This groundwork is applicable to all disciplines. This is a 12 credit/four course certificate program with both online and onsite options. In order to be admitted to this program, students must have completed 60 credits of coursework. 4 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020 NEW PROGRAMS NOW AVAILABLE: Post-Baccalaureate to DNP programs: Family Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Keep reading our magazine and checking our social media pages for updates about our programs.

POST-BACCALAUREATE TO DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE (FNP) STUDY ONE-COURSE-AT-A-TIME LIBRARY RESEARCH ASSISTANCE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT WRITING ASSISTANCE ONLINE PROGRAM DETAILS • 70 credit hours • 48 months to completion • Online • Three 3-4 day residencies at IWU in Marion, Indiana • 5 assessment sessions at IWU in Marion, Indiana • Local clinicals • 1,000 practicum hours required • Evidence-based final project The Doctor of Nursing Practice programs at Indiana Wesleyan University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org). 48 MONTHS TEXT IWU TO 58052 | INDWES.EDU/BDNP

Bring Victoria Home Who is Victoria? Victoria is the world’s most lifelike childbirth simulator. From early pregnancy complications, high-risk deliveries, and postpartum emergencies to non-gravid scenarios for general nursing care, Victoria simulates a full range of obstetrical events to facilitate teamwork and deepen critical thinking skills in learners of all levels. More than a childbirth simulator, Victoria is a complete simulation solution developed from decades of obstetrical experience. It is a comprehensive package of tools and support designed to help improve patient safety in women’s health through education and training. For the Give Day campaign in February 2018, a fund was started to help bring Victoria home to the Fortune Simulation Lab here at IWU. While some funds were raised in this effort, there is still a long way to go. If you feel the desire to donate to this fund, please feel free to do so. Donations can be made by visiting www.indwes.edu/alumni and earmarking the donation for SON Victoria Simulator. DOCTORATES IN PROGRESS DAMA O’KEEFE MSN, APRN, FNP-CM Pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Indiana Wesleyan University SCOTT RHOADES MS, RN Pursuing his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Indiana Wesleyan University LAURA RIGSBY MSN-MBA, RN Pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from Indiana Wesleyan University MELANIE WALTERS PhD(c), PMHNP, RN Pursuing her PhD from the University of Louisville 6 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020

NURSE PRACTITIONER DEGREES IWU NOW OFFERS FOUR NURSE PRACTITIONER PROGRAMS FOR RNs WITH A BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN NURSING POST-BS/BSN TO DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE FAMILY NP CREDITS DURATION COURSE WORK RESIDENCIES AT IWU SEASSESSMENT CLINICALS SSIONS AT IWU LOCAL PRACTICE HOURS 70 credits 4 year program Online Three 3-4 day residencies 5 separate evenings Yes 1,000 POST-BS/BSN TO DOCTOR OF NURSING PRACTICE PSYCHIATRIC MENTAL HEALTH NP 70 credits 4 year program Online Three 3-4 day residencies 5 separate evenings Yes 1,000 MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING FAMILY NP 49 credits 2.5 year program Online None 5 separate evenings 700 Yes MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING PSYCHIATRIC MENTAL HEALTH NP 49 credits 2.5 year program Online Two 2-3 day residencies 4 separate evenings 525 Yes STUDY ONE-COURSE-AT-A-TIME • LIBRARY RESEARCH ASSISTANCE • TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT • WRITING ASSISTANCE Indiana’s #1 School of Nursing Sciences • #1 Graduate Nursing School IWU is a non-profit, Christian university established in Marion, Indiana in 1920. The Master’s degree and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs at Indiana Wesleyan University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org). TEXT IWU TO 58052 | INDWES.EDU/NURSING IND I A N A W E SL E Y A N U NI V ER S I T Y . NA T I O NAL & G L O B AL

Wildcat Once again, the IWU School of Nursing held a successful nursing camp. Students enjoyed a week of programming focused on skills and certifications to help prepare them for nursing school. Campers came from as near as Marion, IN and as far away as Washington State, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas. After a few icebreakers to acquaint the students with each other, the students split into five countries/states that represent different geographic locations that you can study and explore if you decide to attend IWU for Nursing. These regions include Zambia, Jamaica, Haiti, Appalachia, and Italy. Each student was given a “swag bag” full of goodies to help them throughout the week and beyond. Items included in these backpacks were a journal, water bottle, and a fanny pack containing bandage scissors, stethoscope, penlight, and blood pressure cuff. Throughout this week, student experienced various simulations in our Fortune Simulation Lab, basic skills related to taking vitals, took part in a disaster simulation, were visited by a Lifeline Transport helicopter, and spent time having fun on our beautiful campus. It is always great to see so many young teens who have such a deep desire to change the world through nursing. If you have a high school student interested in nursing or any other Wildcat Summer Academy, visit June 21-26,2020 indwes.edu/summer-academy Camp dates are 8 SCHOOL OF NURSING FALL 2019 SPRING 2020 Nursing Camp

KICKING On November 2, 2019, Northwestern Mutual sponsored an event to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research. Wildcats Kicking Cancer was hosted sponsored and hosted by Northwestern Mutual in conjunction with the IWU School of Nursing. The event, held at the home football game against the Sienna Heights Saints, was designed to raise as much money as possible for childhood cancer research. The Nurses Christian Fellowship student organization manned the lemonade stand located inside of Wildcat Stadium, selling lemonade to fans. For each Wildcat kick-off, Northwestern Mutual donated $300 to the cause, which equals 6 hours of research. To add to the excitement off the day, two students were selected to kick for scholarship money in a special half-time event. This amount was also matched by Northwestern Mutual and donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Eden Weghorst and Andrew McDaniel collectively raised $1250 for this worthy cause. Together, we raised a total of $3150 which equates to 63 hours of childhood cancer research! Not only is this event considered a win for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, but the IWU Wildcats also won the football game 28-21. We are proud of all of the students, employees, fans, and community that came together to help make this event a success. To learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand and the work they do, visit: alexslemonade.org 10 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020

NURSING STUDENTS KICKING CANCER On top of our Nurses Christian Fellowship group helping with the Wildcats Kicking Cancer event, another group of our nursing students were involved. This group is none other than our nursing students who are on the football field. • Caleb Kelly • Bradley Osborne • Lucas Doyle • Devin Dawson • Raymond Chmielinski • Hudson Smith • Lars Macarthur Big shout-out to these student athletes who represented the School of Nursing and Wildcat Football well in bringing home the win for Alex’s Lemonade Stand and IWU. facebook.com/IWUSofN 11

SCHOOL OF NURSING CONTINUING EDUCATION BY THE NUMBERS 2019 7 Events Over 200 Registered Nurses Served Approx. 20 Contact Hours Offered Much more to come… 2018-2019 ATTENDEES FROM OVER 80 INSTITUTIONS PRACTICE PARTNERSHIPS This gives us the opportunity to create practice partnerships that will in turn benefit our students. RECRUITMENT OPPORTUNITY Recruit Faculty Recruit Students Recruit Administrators IWU MISSION FIT SON MISSION FIT The SON is dedicated to teaching and equipping worldchanging nurses. The Center for Continuing Education fulfills this mission by offering educational opportunities for faculty development, student growth and development, and partnering within the community to support nurses seeking professional growth and development. 12 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020 Indiana Wesleyan University is a Christ-Centered academic community committed to changing the world by developing students in character, scholarship and leadership. School of Nursing Continuing Education fulfills the mission of IWU by offering development opportunities for our students while in school, but also after they graduate. Opens up the door to provide a service to our preceptors and partnering institutions by providing affordable CE's. CONTINUING EDUCATION INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF NURSING We are committed to the development of world-changing nurses by offering affordable continuing education activities that develop faculty, students, and partnerships with the community. 2018-2019 OVER 400 ATTENDEES AT OUR EVENTS

I N D IANA W E S L E Y AN U N IVE RS I T Y . NA T I O NAL & G L O B AL E S TABL ISHED 1920 . REGIONALLY ACCREDI T ED . NOT-FOR-PROF IT MILITARY STUDENTS                 90+ ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS IWU offers military preferred tuition to active duty, National Guard, reserves, retirees, veterans, spouses, surviving spouses, dependent children with educational benefits, and DoD employees. $250 ASSOCIATE & BACHELOR’S PER CREDIT HOUR $0 TEXTBOOKS & TECH FEES OUT OF POCKET FOR 25% MASTER’S DEGREE OFF PER CREDIT HOUR $0 FOR TECH FEES OUT OF POCKET LOW, FLAT RATE FOR TEXTBOOKS 866.498.4968 | INDWES.EDU/MILITARY IWU IS A REGIONALLY ACCREDITED INSTITUTION. Digital textbooks used for qualified military students will be provided at zero cost for associate and bachelor’s programs. Textbook costs for master’s programs will have a flat rate based on the program. Zero tech fees. Does not apply to doctoral, athletic training, occupational therapy, nurse practitioner, graduate counseling, or residential programs. Ask your program representative if other limitations may apply. facebook.com/IWUSofN 13

Each fall IWU students are invited to participate in the Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE); hosted by the Interprofessional Education Task force, in partnership with Circles of Grant County. The task force is made up of faculty from several of the health caring professions, including nursing, social work, education, ministry, and occupational therapy. The poverty simulation is a medium for experiential education. Participants experience the realities of living in poverty. In the COPE simulation, participants are assigned a role within unique family scenarios that were built from real stories. Over the course of an hour, participants inhabit their role and seek to live well and provide for themselves and their families for the simulated time frame. There are a variety of community resources the participants must visit in order to navigate the experience – from an employer, bank, to a health clinic, pawnshop, and grocery store. This simulation provides IWU students the opportunity to expand their learning and see the value of interprofessional collaboration in holistically serving and caring for their clients. One objective of the COPE is to give participants a greater appreciation for the complexity of poverty. When you are an external observer to the culture of poverty, it’s easy to assume you would make “better” decisions if you were in the same circumstance. However, participants experience the intricacies and deficiencies of the systems that perpetuate the cycle of poverty. The stories participants tell when they finish the COPE show a greater sense of awareness about the cycle of poverty, and greater compassion and humility toward those who are in poverty. For some, the learning from the simulation is closer to home than they anticipate. "This simulation felt very real to me," shared a participant from the most recent simulation in October. "I grew up in--a family where my dad had to work a lot just so we could make it. I often felt like I wasn't important to him and wished he would spend more time with me. In the family scenario I was in tonight, I was the dad in a family very similar to the family I grew up in. I ended up making the same decision my own dad did. I chose to work whenever and wherever I could because it was so hard to get my family what they needed. I see my own dad really differently because of this experience. I get it now, why he made the decisions that he did." At the conclusion of the experience, students come together to discuss how the professions can function as an interprofessional team, who will work with those in poverty to overcome the challenges and work toward thriving. The COPE is a key learning opportunity for IWU students. As they transition into professional careers in any of their majors, they will encounter coworkers, employees, students, and clients who are trapped in poverty and have a greater awareness for how they can love their neighbor. Keep a look out for future COPE news! 14 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020

RECIPES JOHN MASSEY Program Support Specialist (Compliance), IWU-N&G Nursing ANNIE LEHNER Program Support Specialist (DNP), IWU-N&G Nursing CHLOE PLYLER Program Assistant, IWU-Marion Nursing KIMBERLY OTTO Faculty Support Specialist, IWU-N&G Nursing BARBARA HULSMAN CANDIDIASIS OF THE SKIN CANDIDIASIS OF THE SKIN *RATIO 1:1 Depending on desired amount INGREDIENTS Cornstarch and Water DIRECTIONS • Mix well until nectar or heavy cream consistency is met • spread a thin layer on surface choice • Let completely dry • Optional to brush off excess “yeast” until desired amount is achieved COURTNEY MIDDLESWORTH Assistant Professor, IWU-Marion Nursing ELIZABETH BAILEY Assistant Dean, Masters Nursing, Administration & Education, IWU-N&G Nursing CHRIS CLICK Faculty Support Specialist, IWU-N&G Nursing JESSICA HUFF Assistant Professor, IWU-National & Global Nursing DENISE BREHMER LAURA BOWMAN

SAVE THE DATE INN O VATI ON S IN FAITH-BASED NURSING C ONFERE NC E JUNE 21-2 4 20 21 CULTURAL AWARENESS • EDUCATION STRATEGIES • NURSING PRACTICE • SPIRITUAL CARE Indiana Wesleyan University – School of Nursing is approved as a provider of continuing nursing education by Ohio Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. (OB-001-92)

SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENTS RHONDA OLDHAM, PHEATHER BRADY, IWU-MARION NURSING resentation: “Comparison of ATI Scores for BSN Students Studying Abroad Versus Traditional Learning” at the 2019 National Nurse Educator Summit. BARBARA IHRKE, IWU-NABARBARA WISE, VPAA, SCHOOL OF NURSING Presentations: “On Being a Single Missionary” and “Roles for Nurses” at the Global Missions Health Conference. TIONAL & GLOBAL NURSING Avoiding Nursing Burnout” at the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Conference. IWU-NA REBECCA HOFFPAUIR, MARTHA HAWKINS, TIONAL & GLOBAL NURSING Presentation: ”Innovative Global Initiatives in DNP Education: Implications for Practice and Policy” at the 2019 Twelfth National Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference. SHIRLENE NEWBANKS, LINDA RIEG, IWU-NATIONAL & GLOBAL NURSING Book Chapter: “Caring from a Christian Worldview: The Agape Model” in the Nursing as Ministry textbook to be published in 2021. MEG BARNES, IWU-NATIONAL & GLOBAL NURSING Book Chapter: “Poverty and Homelessness” in the Nursing as Ministry textbook to be published in 2021. SON Social Media Blurb Did you know that we host continuing education events every year? The IWU School of Nursing is accredited through the Ohio Nurses Association to offer such continuing education. These events provide continuing education contact hours for all nurses. To stay up to date on when we host events, please make sure to visit, follow, and connect to our social media! IWUSofN @IWUnursing 18 SCHOOL OF NURSING SPRING 2020 @iwu_son @iwu-son

I N D IANA W E S L E Y AN U N IVE RS I T Y . NA T I O NAL & G L O B AL E S TABL ISHED 1920 . REGIONALLY ACCREDI T ED . NOT-FOR-PROF IT SHINE. BRIGHTER. ONLINE NURSING DEGREES Bachelor’s Degree RN to BSN Doctoral Degrees DNP Post-BS/BSN to DNP • • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Certificates Post-Master’s and Undergraduate Certificates available Master’s Degrees ASN- MSN MSN- MBA MSN- Post-MBA MSN- Nursing Administration MSN- Nursing Education MSN- Primary Care Nursing • • Family Nurse Practitioner Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Some programs require onsite components and/or residencies. All nursing degree programs require clinical/practicum experiences. TEXT IWU TO 58052 | INDWES.EDU/NURSING 14 ONSITE LOCATIONS . INDIANA . OHIO . KENTUCKY

SCHOOL OF NURSING 4201 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET MARION, INDIANA 46953-4974 888.876.6498 Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Indiana Wesleyan University INDWES.EDU/NURSING word from the VPAA We have had an extremely busy Fall/Winter here in the School of Nursing. November was the month of accreditation. While our faculty and staff prepared for accreditation for many months, our site visit was the week of November 11-15, 2019. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visited Indiana Wesleyan University for regional accreditation, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) visited the School of Nursing. Both accreditation visits went well. On November 2, the School of Nursing had the privilege to be part of the Wildcats Kicking Cancer event. Through this event, we raised money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is committed to fighting childhood cancer by funding research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. In 2018, an estimated 15,590 children were diagnosed with cancer in the United States. Through this event, we raised enough money to fund 63 hours of research. Earlier this year, on February 11, IWU held its 3rd consecutive Give Day fundraising campaign. We are thanking God for his many blessings on this day and the success it was. We raised money for student scholarships and a high-fidelity birthing simulator. Look for a complete Give Day report in the next magazine. As this academic year is nearing a close, we look forward to what the future holds. New students will enroll, we will host events, and we will continue to educate nurses. Above all, we stay true to who God created us to be and search for his guidance in all things. Sincerely, Barbara A. Ihrke Barbara A. Ihrke, PhD, RN | Vice President of Academic Affairs | School of Nursing Interested in teaching on LaGonave, Haiti? Contact us at IWU.SON@INDWES.EDU and we will get you in contact with the right people!

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