Capacity Building Program: Incubation Management Systems 20 to 22 March 2018 Manama, Bahrain 35 participants attended a specialized capacity building program on “Incubation Management organised Systems”, by ITPO cooperation with the Ministry Bahrain in of Industry, Commerce, & Tourism, the Bahrain Development Bank and AICEI The program aimed at providing a clear understanding of business incubation concepts, including its challenges, benefits and potentials; providing guidance to Incubator Managers and key staff on its full range operational activities; Upgrading institutional and human capacity on the topics like entrepreneurship development, access to finance, marketing, business community planning, relations, quality management; Ways to design and implement effective services to in-wall incubated and entrepreneurs opportunities by and counselling; and Increasing systematic continuous monitoring evaluations of management incubated entrepreneurs. business the efficiency and effectiveness of the incubation and and and virtually incubated networking EDIP entrepreneur organizes community event 30 March 2018 Manama, Bahrain For the third “Bahrain for consecutive year, (BHR4ALL), an event meant all and all for Bahrain” to promote and celebrate diversity in Bahrain, kicked off successfully. The event hosted more than 50,000 persons and included performances by Bahraini artists and expatriate groups and communities. In addition to performances, food stalls and other stalls displaying, promoting and selling a wide range of products and services were available, many of which were sponsored by Tamkeen with the help of ITPO Bahrain, who helped identify and select a number of entrepreneurs as well as provide them with a stall, free of charge. 5

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