Unbound 2018: Supporting Start-ups 7 to 8 March 2018 ITPO hosts its 100th EDIP batch 4 to 22 February 2018 Manama, Bahrain Batch 100 was a diverse group of entrepreneurs, with varying backgrounds and aspirations. As per usual, the diversity allowed for discussions with interesting different perspectives. At the end of the program, the entrepreneurs who did not originally have clear business ideas were able to firm up their ideas, others recognized limitations and changed their business ideas to match more with their capabilities and some were inspired to dream bigger. EDIP’s 100 also incorporated a health and wellness session for the very first time, given by the Health and Wellness Promotion Expert, Dr. Amal al Jowder. FORSATI: Supporting women in the ICT sector ITPO Bahrain has strives to employability to joint hands with UNDP, Tamkeen and Microsoft in launching FORSATI strengthen and productivity in the IT initiative that youth enhance industry in Bahrain. FORSATI For Her, which promises empower 6 the Many national and foreign start-ups attended the event and set up stalls to promote their businesses and meet with potential investors. Unbound also included a number of workshops and inspirational speakers, including ITPO Bahrain’sAfifBarhoumi who joined a discussion on “Routes for Growth - Sourcing Capital”. Discussionsfocused on financing opportunities available to entrepreneurs locally as well as on the challenges commonly faced and ways to overcome them.

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