Overcoming Fear with Faith: Step by Step Faith Walker Adrienne K. Brown By Tiffany Braxton It was a bright, summery, ethereal evening when I met with Adrienne K. Brown at Smokey Row Cafe. When Adrienne walked in she made an entrance with that, “million dollar smile” of hers complimented with her beautiful soul warming, soothing brown eyes. Adrienne and I embraced a reflection of our Christian upbringing of faith and love. I thanked Adrienne for coming and explained that I was pleased to announce that she had been selected as Step by Step Faith’s first Step by Step Faith Walker. Adrienne expressed gratefulness. Step by Step Faith is a creative and positive place where people are encouraged to step out on faith, live their dreams and change the world one step at a time. If you are interested in learning more about us and joining the family like our Facebook page Step by Step Faith and visit the website at www.stepbystepfaith.com A working definition of a Step by Step Faith walker is someone who defies the odds. A person who looks beyond their life circumstances and makes a conscious decision to walk by faith and embrace their God given purpose while encouraging others to do so and “live’. Adrienne K. Brown epitomizes these characteristics. Join me on this journey as we uncover a few pages of Adrienne’s amazing life. Adrienne was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. She was raised by her mother, sadly her father passed away right before she was born. Adrienne notes at an early age seeing her hardworking and strong mother doing all she could to make ends meet to provide for her and her three other siblings. Adrienne learned from her mother the importance of working hard and understanding the things we want in life takes diligence, nothing is handed to you. Adrienne has been singing since the age of 4 largely due to her godly grandmother and being raised in church. Adrienne often sang Praise and Worship songs. Around the age of Step by Step Faith is a blog which has expanded to an online community of faith that I prayerfully believe will transform into a movement. 11 Adrienne caught her family by surprise and showcased her sultry and rich voice proving she could really “sang” during a family barbecue. Adrienne belted out a popular Mary J. Blige classic remake of I’m Going Down and the rest is musical history. Adrienne notes she received her big break in God’s timing. Recently a friend of a friend connected Ms. Brown with Booker T. Productions. She was then approached to do an album. It is Adrienne’s dream not only to have a music career but that career is focused on ministry.

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