SPIRITUALITY Her heart’s desire is to reach out to people, especially those that feel “invisible” an invisibility she has felt in the past living in this complicated and ever changing world. Adrienne K. Brown is stepping out on faith and living her dreams one step at a time. Right now she is working on her first album. There have been trials that have come her way but she refuses to give up. Adrienne has made a conscious decision not to let trials that surround her bring stress and anxiety as she leans on God to guide the way. Adrienne is utilizing her abilities through song writing and collaborating with a talented team of producers and musicians. Her single was recently released. It is titled In and Out of Season. The single has received rave reviews. Adrienne’s advice to people who want to live their dreams but are afraid to take the first step is “Don’t hold yourself back on the blessings God has in store for you. Just do it.” Adrienne’s charisma and trust in God has helped her to conquer her trials and overcome fear with faith. That is why Adrienne is recognized as a Step by Step Faith Walker. Does Adrienne’s story resonate with you? Stay connected by liking her Facebook page Adrienne K. Brown Ministries for updates plus booking information if needed and Instagram Adrienne K. We wish Ms. Brown well as she Steps out on Faith The best is yet to come! August 2019 The URBAN EXPERIENCE 21

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