Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 "It's mind over matter". If only I'd known, I'd have thought myself better years ago! "Well ME and Fibro are all just terms for pain and fatigue that is unexplained, I can't help you"- neuro!!” "Everyone gets tired. You need to push through it." Went from moderate to severe within weeks... "I've never heard of ME. I'll google it" Medical Assessment Unit doc trained in Ireland.” When asking if anything could with excessive sweating. "No it's just the chronic fatigue" "You need to see a psychiatrist" Went to psychiatrist, got clean bill of MH "It was psychotherapist I meant" Neurologist; "FM? That doesn't exist, neither does that other thing what do you call it? ME?" "People who work here think it’s a mental illness" (CFS clinic) "The only thing I know about ME is Graded Exercise Therapy" Said by neurologist 2016 After 29+ yrs of ME I have great life, great job, boyfriend, I just don't feel well; "Cause of her CFS is depression" “I'm not sure how to help you.... Why don't we try antidepressants??” - But I'm not depressed "Oh I don't like to refer people with ME or fibro for wheelchairs as I believe it makes them lazy" A UK specialist told me to "Get a boyfriend and an active sex life, if you want a cure" - NHS have left me to rot for 12 yrs! 'You have the right attitude to get over M.E' I've still got the same 'attitude' years later, I'm still ill “I don't "do" fatigue, I hope you grow out of it” - consultant immunologist "you’re listening to your body too much” " you’ve had glandular fever but you’re well over it now " I was seeing a specialist for something else and I mentioned it and he said " oh come on don't give me that" “Why don't you try actually going to the gym.” “When are you going to pull yourself together get off antidepressants and get back to work” Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 58 of 77 June 2016 “Having ME might be "inconvenient" but there is really nothing I can do” “No, no children get ME” ...suggesting it's a psychosomatic adult illness.. ”go home and do some exercise.”

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