Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 “Come back and see me when your head is spinning and you're spitting blood like in operas” “There’s no such thing as me/cfs it’s just another fancy word for tiredness an that’s what u have go” 'If blood tests don’t show anything we'll assume you have ME’ "I'm old school. I don't believe in these new mumbo jumbo illnesses, you're lazy and want time off work" “When you feel a bit tired you mustn't give in to it. GP after I'd had ME for years and had to give up work” Very recently: “No one at the Surgery is experienced with dealing with it (CFS) because it's a rare condition” “None of the GPs in this practice are interested in taking you on as a patient because you say you have ME” "Have you tried any exercise?" (The stairs?? And once a week a bath I nearly die after) "You have a high heart rate but we don't know why" One GP I saw said to me get a full time job and a husband and you will be fine!!!! So in my head I leapt across the table and bitch slapped her! “It's all stress related work, on your inner issues” (only stress was no answer or help being seriously ill)"It's anxiety" (No it's really NOT) "You have caused your condition of CFS by choosing to lie in bed for years" Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 59 of 77 June 2016 'all teenagers get tired and you're probably lazy too, there's nothing wrong with you' “At age 16, "have a baby, a good shake up of your hormones should sort it." I had a baby in my late 20's guess what - it didn't sort it.” “6 years ago, (10 years into having M.E.), I had a bad relapse, bedridden. Doctor was called for a home visit; it was the doctor who had given me my initial diagnosis. He said "oh, I thought you were better, M.E. usually goes away by itself after 2 years" ....It took almost 2 years before I received the diagnosis, did he think once he'd told me what it was it'd go away? Doh!! Needless to say, I've since changed doctors.” "Probably just an adolescent pre occupation with health" "What do you expect, you ARE middle aged?" I was 38 DWP Doctor in 1994 "Were you attending church when you developed ME?"

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