Journal of IiMER Volume 10 Issue 1 Follow up with Gastroenterologist 'U need to take a step back and address your mental state' "Well a lot of that will be because of your weight" At cardiologist for myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, POTS, - ''so you're here because you're fatigued? 3x week sport will cure you!” Psychotherapist when challenged "WE think it's something in your PERSONALITY that keeps you ill" (tied to 'benefits' situation) GP: “I don’t think there is anything wrong with your heart, You Just have ME GP: but I don’t believe in ME” “finally going to GP due to worsening symptoms from consistently overdoing it& being referred for GET for deconditioning” 'No illness could be that complicated - you must have imagined it!"" - I wish . . . . ! ! Doctors attributing any new symptom to your ME diagnosis, making them miss other ailments/illnesses f.ex. breast cancer Apparently my fibromyalgia is caused by childhood trauma, according to ME clinic psych. At ME clinic with psych. I told of woman who died from ME. She replied "no one dies from fatigue” My GP often dismisses my symptoms and labels me with health anxiety. who wouldn't want answers to symptoms? June 2016 I asked about poss POTS diagnosis, GP told me no point in testing as it’s just another label with no cure. Why don't you just go for a run around the block! In a consultation with my GP, she said: "Shall I pray for you? We could do it now!" “You just have an atypical depression” “The death of your boyfriend is probably holding you back to full recovery.” “I suffer with Fibromyalgia & M.E. One Dr told me it doesn't exist.” "I can try you on these new meds and if they help you I can try them on my other ME patient". “Part of it is that you're getting older too! (Thanks, I'm 53 not 73. I see old people more fit than I am.)” “You def have a fatigue/pain syndrome but I don't want to label you. (Thanks, my boss will love that)” "u either choose2get better or continue2live like this. Rheumy said this2me.I have ME&fibro” “So how is your relationship with your parents?” "I am completely baffled by your symptoms" one of the more honest Drs. “Do you believe in ME?” – Psychiatrist Invest in ME (Charity Nr. 1114035) www.investinme.org Page 57 of 77

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