DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF d. With respect to the Whitehaven community, Memphis 3.0 prioritizes, among other things, addressing blight and vacancy along major corridors and repurposing vacant lots. The proposed development accomplishes both of these objectives, as the boarded-up school facility will bring life back to the Property which sits on Winchester Boulevard, a major corridor that must be active for the Whitehaven community to continue its progress and revitalization. e. The Applicant intends to keep the current footprint of the school building and maintain the significant amount of green space that has historically defined this tract. The Applicant will maintain the Property in a first-class manner and the green space will serve both the student-trainees and workers at the site. f. With respect to the light manufacturing, the Applicant intends to produce jewelry and other customizable collector’s products through the use of 3D printers. The vocational/technical component will be geared towards teaching the students graphic design and the use of 3D printing and related technology which will continue to be used as the technology continues to advance. 2. An approved water supply, community wastewater treatment and disposal, and storm water drainage facilities that are adequate to serve the proposed development have been or will be provided concurrent with the development. a. The Applicant will ensure that there is adequate water supply, that all necessary storm water drainage facilities are provided, and that all water related issues are adequately addressed. 3. The location and arrangement of the structures, parking areas, walks, lighting and other service facilities shall be compatible with the surrounding land uses… (see UDC sub-section 4.10.3C) a. The Applicant intends to keep the current aesthetic intact as much as possible since the vocational/technical training facility will be used by students of Shelby County schools and other residents who desire to learn the skills necessary to use 3D printing and related technologies effectively and efficiently. The Applicant intends to honor the legacy of this property and Graves Elementary School by repurposing the Property and preserving the history of the site through keeping the large amount of green space on the Property. The training provided at this facility will provide skills that are transferrable to other jobs, but the Applicant’s intent is to hire those trainees as full-time employees at living wage of at least $15/hour and full benefits. The training provided at this facility will give students and other residents in the Whitehaven area the opportunity to learn new skills that will be important in the future. The parking area along Graves Road and the circular drive will remain generally as it currently is to provide for the educational atmosphere. All deliveries will be made to the facility from an entrance off Winchester to minimize new traffic on Graves Road. The Property will be well-lit and there will be significant amounts of green space and buffers to minimize the impact that the facility may have on the surrounding area. This development Page 2 of 3 4851-8002-6224, v. 3

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