DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF should raise property values in this area of Whitehaven where there is already a variety of land uses. 4. Any modification of the district standards that would otherwise be applicable to the site are warranted by the design of the outline plan and the amenities incorporated therein and are not inconsistent with the public interest. a. The public interest will be well-served by this PUD because the area residents and young people will be provided with new opportunities to learn and become competent with technology that will be widely used in the future. This development will re-purpose a blighted, closed school property and turn it into an operational vocational/technical and production facility where 3D printers are used to create memorabilia and other products. The products created will not produce noxious fumes or smells that would negatively impact the surrounding areas, and such operations will not create a lot of unwanted noise. All deliveries will be made from Winchester so that the residential areas nearby will not be affected by traffic related to deliveries and the commercial activity at the Property. The increased use of the Property will raise property values and will also add to the community in a variety of ways. Most importantly it will provide many jobs to area residents and will train residents and students in important skills of the future, in a safe, neighborhood environment. 5. Homeowners’ associations or some other responsible party shall be required to maintain any and all common open space and/or common elements. a. The one lot in this PUD will be maintained by the owner/Applicant. This property will be maintained in a first-class manner that will help improve this community by increasing property values and providing job skills training. 6. Lots of records are created with the recording of a planned development final plan. a. There will only be one lot in this PUD. Page 3 of 3 4851-8002-6224, v. 3

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