DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF II. Bulk Regulations The bulk regulations of the CMP-2 District shall apply with the following exceptions: A. B. C. D. III. Maximum building height shall be 2-story, not exceeding 60 feet. All buildings shall be setback a minimum of 120 feet from Graves Road. All buildings shall be setback a minimum of 75 feet from Winchester Road. All buildings shall be setback a minimum of 120 feet from McCorkle Road. Access, Circulation and Parking: A. B. C. D. E. F. G. IV. The existing curb cut on McCorkle Road shall be closed with curb, gutter and sidewalk. One curb cut on Winchester Road shall be permitted. Two curb cuts shall be permitted on Graves Road and shall be connected by a circular drive. All tractor-trailers shall access the property from Winchester Road only. The exact number, location and design of permitted curb cuts shall be subject to the approval of the City Engineer. All private drives shall be constructed to meet City Standards and provide a minimum pavement width of 22 feet, exclusive of curb and gutter. Provide up to 143 parking spaces. Landscaping and Screening A. B. C. D. E. F. G. All streetscapes shall be landscaped in accordance with either Plate S-10 or Plate S-11 found in the Memphis and Shelby County Unified Development Code (UDC). Parking lots and driveways shall be setback a minimum of 20 feet from the public streets. Provide a 25-foot wide buffer along the north line. The existing vegetation shall remain and shall be supplemented by 4 Type E trees per 100 lineal feet. Internal parking lot landscaping shall be provided in accordance with the UDC. All loading facilities shall be screened from view from Graves Road and McCorkle Road Refuse containers shall be completely screened from view from the public roads. All heating and air conditioning equipment located on the roof shall be screened using architectural features, including a parapet, mansard roof, or site-proof screening. Any groundmounted equipment shall be screened from view with site-proof screening or landscape materials. H. All required landscaping and screening shall be provided exclusive of any areas encumbered by easements and shall not conflict with any easements, including overhead wires.

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