DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF I. J. K. V. Signs A. B. C. D. E. F. VI. Equivalent landscaping may be substituted for that required above, subject to administrative approval. No noxious noise or odors shall result from any activity at this property. Lighting shall be directed so as not to glare onto any residential property. Two monument style signs shall be permitted, one at the corner of Winchester Road and Graves Road and the other at the corner of Winchester Road and McCorkle Road. Each sign shall have a maximum area of 50 square feet and a maximum height of 12 feet. One sign shall be permitted on Graves Road between the two curb cuts. The maximum area shall be 32 feet and the maximum height shall be 8 feet. The minimum sign setback shall be 10 feet. No detached sign shall be allowed on McCorkle Road, other than that stated above. Attached signs shall be in accordance with the CMP-2 District. No temporary or portable signs shall be permitted. Drainage A. B. All drainage plans shall be submitted to the City Engineer for review. Drainage improvements, including possible on-site detention shall be provided under contract in accordance with the City of Memphis/Shelby County Storm Water Management Manual. VII. The Land Use Control Board may modify the bulk, access, parking, landscaping, loading screen, signage and other site requirements if equivalent alternatives are presented; however, any adjacent property owner who is dissatisfied with the modifications of the Land Use Control Board hereunder may within ten days of such action, file a written appeal to the Director of Office of Planning and Development to have such action reviewed by the Appropriate Governing Bodies. VIII. A final plan shall be filed within five years of the approval of the Outline Plan. The Land Use Control Board may grant extensions at the request of the applicant. IX. Any final plan shall include the following: A. The Outline Plan Conditions. B. A Standard Contract as defined by the Subdivision Regulations for any needed public improvements.

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