DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF Amendment(s): Is the applicant applying for an amendment to an existing Planned Development? Yes_____No_____ The following modifications to existing planned developments are considered amendments: 1) a change to the permitted uses in a planned development, except in situations where a use of a higher classification is proposed to be changed to a use of a lower classification; 2) a modification to conditions that phases the uses, and 3) a conversion of public streets. See Section 9.6.11E(1) of the UDC for further details. 4.10.3 Planned Development General Provisions The governing bodies may grant a special use permit for a planned development which modifies the applicable district regulations and other regulations of this development code upon written findings and recommendations to the Land Use Control Board and the Planning Director which shall be forwarded pursuant to provisions contained in section 4.10.3: Please address each sub-section below (Provide additional information on a separate sheet of paper if needed). • The proposed development will not unduly injure or damage the use, value and enjoyment of surrounding property nor unduly hinder or prevent the development of surrounding property in accordance with the current development policies and plans of the City and County. • An approved water supply, community waste water treatment and disposal, and storm water drainage facilities that are adequate to serve the proposed development have been or will be provided concurrent with the development. • The location and arrangement of the structures, parking areas, walks, lighting and other service facilities shall be compatible with the surrounding land uses… (see UDC sub-section 4.10.3C) • Any modification of the district standards that would otherwise be applicable to the site are warranted by the design of the outline plan and the amenities incorporated therein, and are not inconsistent with the public interest. • Homeowners’ associations or some other responsible party shall be required to maintain any and all common open space and/or common elements. • Lots of records are created with the recording of a planned development final plan. 2 X

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