DocuSign Envelope ID: E0DCF1BB-5E00-44A7-B64D-A0C169C19FCF REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO APPLICATION SUBMISSION PRE-APPLICATION CONFERENCE - Not more than six (6) months nor less than five (5) working days prior to filing an application, the applicant shall arrange for a mandatory pre-application conference with OPD. Pre-Application Conference held on: February 25, 2020 with Josh Whitehead, Jeffrey Penzes, and Bradyn Carson NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING – At least ten (10) days, but not more than 120 days, prior to a hearing before the Land Use Control Board, the applicant shall provide an opportunity to discuss the proposal with representatives from neighborhoods adjacent to the development site (Section 9.3.2). Neighborhood Meeting Requirement Met: Yes or Not Yet (Circle one) (If yes, documentation must be included with application materials) SIGN POSTING – A sign or signs shall be erected on-site no more than 30 days or less than 10 days prior to the date of the Land Use Control Board hearing. See Sub-Section 9.3.4C of the UDC for further details on sign posting. I (we) hereby make application for the Planned Development described above and on the accompanying materials. I (we) accept responsibility for any errors or omissions which may result in the postponement of the application being reviewed by the Memphis & Shelby County Land Use Control Board at the next available hearing date. I (We), owner(s) of the above described property hereby authorize the filing of this application and the above named persons to act on my behalf. 4/6/2020 ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Property Owner of Record Date Applicant GUIDE FOR SUBMITTING PLANNED DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION (OUTLINE PLAN APPROVAL/OUTLINE PLAN AMENDMENT) A THE APPLICATION - Two (2) collated sets of this application in accordance with the requirements of the Unified Development Code and as outlined below shall be submitted to OPD. The following information is required to be submitted for consideration as a complete application, and except for copies of the Outline and/or Site/Concept Plan, shall be provided on sheets of 8.5"x11" in size. The application with original signatures shall be completed either with legible print or typewritten. Each application set shall be compiled in the following order: 1) This application, 8.5"x11" Outline and/or Site/Concept Plan, Legal Description, Vicinity Map, 2-3 sets of gummed-backed Mailing Labels, 2 sets of paper copied Mailing Labels, Letter of Intent, 20"x24" Outline and/or Site/Concept Plan (folded), copy of Deed(s). B. 2) A compact disc with all submittal documents in “PDF” and any proposed conditions in “WORD”. LETTER OF INTENT - The letter shall include the following: a) A brief narrative statement generally describing the nature, location and extent of the development and the market it is intended to serve. b) A list of any professional consultants associated with the proposed development. c) A written statement generally describing the relationship of the proposed development to the current policies and plans of the City and County. The statement shall include how the proposed 3 Date

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