I’M NEW. WHY AM I BROKEN ALREADY? By Dr. Yvonne D. Nelson The McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Corporation was formed in 1994 to fight against neighborhood issue that devalue the property in the Southaven Heights Subdivision of ZIP Code 38116, Whitehaven. The Southaven Heights Subdivision exists on the north west boundary of Whitehaven. It covers homes in the boundaries of the ICC railroad, where Whitehaven, 38116 ends and 38109 begins; I-240 and I -55 or Brooks Road, Lakeview and Craft Roads. In 2006, the organizational Constitution and Bylaws were revised and the boundaries of the association were extended to include the entire 38116 ZIP Code. Brooks Road is mostly zoned industrial, which means all types of businesses can be established there; however, most Brooks Road properties backyards touch the backyards of our neighbor’s homes. One such business is LMP Transportation Company, LLC, (Liberty Waste Services LLC), better known to area residents as Waste Connections, LLC., a waste transfer facility located at 621 E. Brooks Road. This 9.34 area lot, in the Person Subdivision, has public records on file that date back to July 1972 when a Hazel G. Braswell quit claimed the deed to the property to a Jodie ‘Joe’ Vernon Braswell. Meanwhile Joe Braswell, the owner of Braswell Motor Freight Lines, Inc., in turn sells the property to himself or his business if you prefer to be ‘politically correct’ regarding the transaction. By the way, both of these transactions show a fee of $10 dollars each were paid. Moving forward to 1986 when Yellow Freight System, Inc. an Indiana corporation which is stated to be the successor by merger of Braswell Motor Freight Lines, Inc. sold this land to the City of Memphis. The description of the parcel is now being referred to “a partition of the Robert E. Hagerty Sr. property between Brooks Road and the Winchester Road…” An when on the 29th day of December, 1999, the City of Memphis signed, through then city Mayor W.W. Herenton, City Attorney, City Comptroller and City Real Estate Manager, caused to be entered into the records a Quitclaim Deed on this same 9.3 acre property, to LMP Transportation Co., LLC or their assigns (which now happens to be the one and only Waste Connections, LLC), for the sum of ONE MILLION and No/100 ($1,000,000.00) and on an As-Is basis with the following restrictions made and agreed to by LMP Transportation Co., LLC: 1) “Hazardous waste subject to regulation under the Tennessee Hazardous Waste Management Act and/ or the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act shall be prohibited on this site. WAIT, I’VE BEEN HERE FOREVER… WHY ARE YOU REMOVING ME ALL OF A SUDDEN? 2) Purchasers will endeavor to routinely transport solid waste to the landfill on the same day it is collected. However, it is realized that, on a regular basis, one or more trucks are unable to implement the delivery of solid waste to the landfill the same day. Purchaser hereby designates an area (shown on Exhibit “D” from the Offer to Purchase 21

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