Agreement attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement), for any collection vehicles that are not emptied the same day and agrees that, with the exception of these collection vehicles and solid waste containerized within the transfer station building and/or the transfer trailer, no other solid waste will be stored on the property overnight. 3) Any subject improvements on or additions to this site within 100 feet of the existing and adjoining residential properties shall be subject to site plan reviews and approval by Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning and Development. Our response is to PD 19-03: 621 BROOKS RD - Waste Connection Office and Industrial Planned Development is as follows: March 1, 2019 Dear Josh Whitehead: We the citizens and friends of the McCorkle Road Neighborhood Development Association, Inc. do hereby request a firm denial of the above referenced request from Waste Connections, LLC/Caissa Public Strategy to build a new office building and/or construct an industrial planned development at 621 E. Brooks Road/598 Winchester Road. This land has been referred to as Parcel 1, consisting of 9.34 acres of heavy industrial zoned property with the existing use of refuse management and Parcel 2, consisting of 30.06 acres of heavy industrial which has been given an industrial district zoning code of industrial employment by the applicant. This cannot be an existing use since this land is currently vacant land. The applicant should have correctly noted that this parcel 2 is being requested to be used for office, maintenance, and parking purposes in their amended and undated application that does not include an Office of Planning and Development Case Number as required. The community is requesting that you deny this request for several additional reasons, including, but not limited to the following: I. The application Cover Page is not completely filled out; II. The applicant has stated that this is not an amendment to an existing planned development when it is in fact an amendment to the same plan that was submitted under the same Case Number #18-67 regarding the proposed application for use variance presented to Planning Director and Administrator Josh Whitehead, AICP, of the Shelby County, TN Office of Planning and Development by Waste Connections of TN, LLC, 621 E. Brooks Road, Memphis, TN 38116 on July 24, 2018. Additionally, after stating this is not an amendment, the applicant states that “The following modifications to existing planned developments are considered amendments: 1) a change to the permitted uses in a planned development, except in situations where a use of a higher classification is proposed to be changed to a use of a lower classification; and 2) a modification to conditions that phases the uses; and 3) a conversion of public streets… Is it an amendment or not? The applicant is double-talking or talking out of both sides of their mouths. III. The applicant has contended that the acreage known as parcel 2 is currently zoned as I-H and EMP when it is vacant land. Furthermore, when it comes to infill or redevelopment, “An area of platted or unplatted land that, together with all adjacent land in private ownership includes no more than 20 acres of land, and where the land along at least 75 % of the boundaries of the proposed development (ignoring intervening streets) has been developed.” IV. The applicant states that their proposed development will not unduly injure or damage the use, value, and enjoyment of surrounding property, nor unduly hinder or prevent development of surrounding property in accordance with the current development policies and plans of the City and County. What about the existing neighborhood? Does the declining and slow to appreciate value of these properties not matter? We have 10 neighbors who purchased their homes, according to the Shelby County Assessor’s records, between 1973 and 1980. All of these homes are still owned by their original owners. If property is one of the only assets we possess that is suppose to appreciates in value, why are these homes, that cost between $24,950 and $32,146 44 to 46 years ago, only appraised at $56,600$66,600 today? If that is not unduly injuring or damaging the use, value, and enjoyment of the surrounding property and hindering and preventing the desire for new families to purchase and invest in the development of the existing properties, please explain to us what it is. V. The applicant states that an approved water supply, community waste water treatment and disposal, and storm water drainage facilities that are adequate to serve the proposed development have been or will be provided concurrent with the development? Really? Waste Connections of TN, LLC has never adequately maintained the waste water or storm water drainage facilities that are currently in use. Why should we believe anything they say when we know these statements are just being made because they sound good? VI. The applicant states that the location and arrangement of the structures, parking areas, walks, lighting, and other service facilities shall be compatible with the surrounding land uses… How can you make a waste transfer facility compatible with a residential neighborhood? Answer? You cannot. You can relocate it to an area that is not a highly residential populated area and focus more on protecting the individuals who work in that “Hot Zone” environment. By the way, why did you remove the Hot Zone sign and replace it with the one with the broken frame and not even bother to fix the frame when everyone who passes it can clearly see it is broken. Why not? Because you don’t care. 22

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