My pets have always been central to my life – best friends, counselors, entertainers, and personal trainers. But if you are like me, this whole pandemic has brought fur family relationships to a whole new level of importance. I have been with my dog Lily constantly. I feel like I know her better than I ever have, and I’ve needed her more than ever before. I don’t believe our world will ever go back to what it once was prepandemic. Some things will have evolved to a point of no return. We prioritize differently. We live our lives differently. And I truly believe that this whole thing has brought human-animal relationships to an even more sacred and integrated part of our lives. My two-year term as president is nearing an end. It has been an experience unlike any other. I have learned so much about what it takes to run a non-profit, and I will never again take for granted the businesses and non-profits of the world. It has been a real honor to work alongside shelter staff and board members with amazing talent and passion for animal welfare. And I would like to also acknowledge you, our donors, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters for all you have done and will continue to do to make the Humane Society of the Lakes the amazing place it is today. Even in the face of financial chaos and fear, you continue to support our important work. And never before has it been this important. Not only are you helping to rescue cats and dogs, you are saving the humans that needed rescuing too. All my best, Alissa Mork hslpresident@gmail.com HONEY ROCKY 4 TAHITI RASCAL

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