2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS LETTER FROM THE HBRA The HBRA of Fairfield County provides members many ways to achieve professional development and generate recognition. This media kit was developed to help you plan your involvement and budget for 2019. Opportunities featured are accompanied by descriptions to give you a better understanding of the events. Each marketing opportunity includes an investment amount and also the recognition you can expect in return. Getting the most of your membership also means getting involved. We invite you to consider joining a committee or volunteering during events. This will lead you to that pivotal next step of building relationships and subsequently gaining more business. Please look over the enclosed packet. For sponsorship and participation opportunities, mark your choices on the Opportunity Guide and return a copy, along with the completed payment form to the HBRA office by fax (203) 335-7141 or email at hbra@buildfairfieldcounty.com We are here to help you figure out what works best for you and your organization. Give us a call any time at (203) 335-7008. Here’s to another great year! ABOUT THE HBRA The Home Builders & Remodelers Association (“HBRA”) of Fairfield County is a not-forprofit association of members engaged in single family and multi-family residential new construction, remodeling, land development activities and light commercial construction covering Fairfield County. Our 450+ members consist of builders, remodelers, land developers, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, attorneys, lenders, real estate brokers and many other industry professionals. Builder/Remodeler Members. Builder members are directly involved in building homes. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders and remodelers. Associate Members. These are the companies and people who offer services and products to builders – lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as masonry, painting, architectural, interior design, insurance, mortgage finance and training. Affiliate Members. This category enables the partners/employees of builder and associate members to attend membership meetings and reap the rewards of HBRA membership at a fraction of the cost. HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 2

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