2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS LETTER FROM THE HBRA The HBRA of Fairfield County provides members many ways to achieve professional development and generate recognition. This media kit was developed to help you plan your involvement and budget for 2019. Opportunities featured are accompanied by descriptions to give you a better understanding of the events. Each marketing opportunity includes an investment amount and also the recognition you can expect in return. Getting the most of your membership also means getting involved. We invite you to consider joining a committee or volunteering during events. This will lead you to that pivotal next step of building relationships and subsequently gaining more business. Please look over the enclosed packet. For sponsorship and participation opportunities, mark your choices on the Opportunity Guide and return a copy, along with the completed payment form to the HBRA office by fax (203) 335-7141 or email at hbra@buildfairfieldcounty.com We are here to help you figure out what works best for you and your organization. Give us a call any time at (203) 335-7008. Here’s to another great year! ABOUT THE HBRA The Home Builders & Remodelers Association (“HBRA”) of Fairfield County is a not-forprofit association of members engaged in single family and multi-family residential new construction, remodeling, land development activities and light commercial construction covering Fairfield County. Our 450+ members consist of builders, remodelers, land developers, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, architects, engineers, attorneys, lenders, real estate brokers and many other industry professionals. Builder/Remodeler Members. Builder members are directly involved in building homes. They include small-volume builders, production builders, light commercial builders and remodelers. Associate Members. These are the companies and people who offer services and products to builders – lumber, windows, appliances, etc. or offer services such as masonry, painting, architectural, interior design, insurance, mortgage finance and training. Affiliate Members. This category enables the partners/employees of builder and associate members to attend membership meetings and reap the rewards of HBRA membership at a fraction of the cost. HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 2

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS TESTIMONIALS As an architect, I thought it would be appropriate to join the HBRA a couple of years ago. The organization has far exceeded my expectations! I had the opportunity to meet many new builder colleagues as well as a professional group of building project suppliers, interior designers, etc. My HBRA experience has added much value to my business and brought wonderful personal contacts that were unexpected. Thank you for the opportunity to teach some course and being part of the HBRA community. - Leigh Overland Leigh Overland Architect, LLC “Being a builder member of the HBRA of Fairfield County, has many advantages. It has provided us a network of professionals to work with, gave us the opportunity to receive awards and obtain recognition from our peers, and be part of the building community. We gain knowledge on current affairs and continuing education as well as lobbying efforts at the state level for and against code changes. We are extremely active in the HBRA - we feel it’s the most important resource for our company.” - Anthony DeRosa, DeRosa Builders “I have been a member of the HBRA of Fairfield County for almost 25 years. I put the time in, went to the meetings, joined the membership committee and got my feet wet. This association has given everything back to me that I could have or ever dreamed of giving to all of the,. It has been the base of my business. As an associate member what I can say to any future member is to get involved - you will never regret joining this amazing association.” - Kim DiMatteo The DiMatteo Group “When I started my business 5 years ago I joined multiple organizations to help grow my business. I was prepared to devote considerable time and effort to the organization that I felt would bring me the most value. It quickly became apparent that HBRA was that organization. I have made some valuable business contacts, learned a tremendous amount about the building industry and have witnessed the growth and impact of this organization. I can also say unequivocally that the relationships I have built with builders, designers, stagers and other members have been instrumental in raising my business to the next level. It is also nice to have an extended family of business colleagues when you are a single entrepreneur to bounce ideas off of and get insight into how they deal with small business challenges. HBRA and its membership are my trusted business partner. ” - Karen Bradbury Closet & Storage Concepts “Becoming a part of the HBRA of Fairfield County has been one of the most beneficial decisions I have made for my company. Within the first couple months of being part of the HBRA of Fairfield County I attended my first monthly membership meeting and was immediately taken under the wing of one of the HBRA’s long-time members and introduced to a number of different members. Needless to say, I suddenly felt right at home. Being a relatively new member I have already seen such great value in this association. I have networked with many builders and associates who all share the same goal, helping contribute their products and services to making Fairfield County grow. ” - Justin Schietinger Eastern Metal Works HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 3

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS HBRA VIP Partners The HBRA VIP PARTNER program is an opportunity for associate members who believe in our mission to promote, protect & improve the building industry in Fairfield County. The HBRA seeks strong and positive businesses who want to help execute that mission and contribute to the industry’s overall success. The HBRA is dedicated to promoting, strengthening, and informing our local home building market and those who work within it to ensure that we are - independently and collectively - a viable economic engine of growth now and in the future. VIP Partners are essential to the strength of the association and its members and in exchange receive extra benefits that include exclusive marketing opportunities, discounts on events, and other rights and advertising advantages. By selecting a VIP sponsorship package, your business is ensuring maximum exposure to HBRA members and other industry professionals with multiple touches each month including an online presence and at events throughout the year. ELITE: $15,000 Limited to 1 company DIAMOND: $10,000 Limited to 2 companies TITANIUM: $7,500 Limited to 3 companies PLATINUM: $5,000 Unlimited GOLD: RESERVED The VIP Partner Program offers a custom build sponsorship: After meeting to discuss your company’s goals and objectives the HBRA will work to create a customized sponsorship from a list of options and upgrades that make sense for your business and advertising goals. HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 4

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS (GMM) HOSTING REQUIREMENTS • A closed space to hold the HBRA board meeting prior to the event (need 20 chairs and 1 table). The board meeting starts at 4:30 and goes until 6PM. • The showroom(s) must be able to hold up to 150 people with room to move. The General Membership Meeting starts at 6PM and goes until 9PM. • A large (6-8 ft.) Registration Table (near an entrance). • Food stations and/or servers. • Beer and Wine, Water, and Soft drinks. • A raffle prize. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: • The HBRA Office will send out an initial email blast at least 3 weeks out notifying members of the meeting. Then each week until the week of the event. • A banner recognizing the Host Sponsor for that evening is provided. • The HBRA Office will email the Host Sponsor a total count 1 week prior, and a list of attendees the day prior to the meeting. MEMBERSHIP MEETING RAFFLE SPONSOR - $250 At every GMM all current member names are put into a raffle drawing for the Membership raffle. A $250 donation is added to the pool each month until someone wins. • The Current sponsor will have a thank you sign advertising their logo next to the raffle bin and social media recognition. • All sponsors who are current HBRA members are eligible to win the raffle. ADDITIONAL HBRA EVENT OPPORTUNITIES Builder Breakfast J.M. Wright High School February 6, 2019 BuilderPanel Press Event TBD March 6, 2019 Member Mixer Two Roads Brewery April 3, 2019 HBRA Awards To be announced Professional Women In Building Council Meeting Host Meetings once a month The HBRA has a variety of opportunities throughout the year for sponsoring and hosting events. If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting please contact the office. 120+ ATTENDEES APPEARANCES BY BUILDERS NON MEMBERS NEW VENDORS HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 5 HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 5

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS HBRA GOLF CLASSIC The HBRA Annual Golf Classic takes place in July. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities available including a Dinner Sponsor, Tote Bag Sponsor, Golf Cart Sponsor, Hole-In-One Sponsors, Station Sponsor, Tee Sponsors and more! Sponsorships range from $250 - $2500. HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 6

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS HBRA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY & RESOURCE GUIDE The HBRA Membership Directory and Resource Guide is an annual publication that lists all current members, free of charge, under at least 2 categories. The guide has several sections that include members at a glance, listings by category, town and state information, and an index. AD DIMENSIONS & PRICING size Full Page dimensions [WxH] 5.75” x 8.75” Half Page (Hor.) 5” x 3.85” Quarter Page $650 $425 $250 $1,400 $1,150 $925 $750 2.45” x 4” Business Card 2.45” x 2” memBeR PRiCe non-memBeR PRiCe $900 MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY DISTRIBUTION 1000+ Members & Consumers DISTRIBUTION STATS • Sent out to all current members • Distributed at monthly GMM’s • Distributed at the HBRA Annual Meeting • Published online on HBRA Website for 24/7 access • Available in member showrooms throughout the county HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 7

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS BUILDER & ASSOCIATE SPOTLIGHTS There can be up to 2 builder and 2 associate spotlights each month in the Building Connections E-Magazine, included with your membership. The builder or associate spotlight is an opportunity for HBRA members to feature a new product, trend, or home! Contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.* Included in your membership! Limited to 1 spotlight per year per company. * HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 8

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS BUILDING CONNECTIONS E-MAGAZINE The Building Connections E-Magazine is a monthly publication that is emailed to all active members, a confidential list of potential members, and is published online to our social media pages and on the HBRA website. MAGAZINE PRICING Members: Full Page Half Page Spotlights FREE Non-Members: Full Page Half Page $ 2,000 for 3 Issues $1,000 for 3 Issues $900 for 3 Issues $450 for 3 Issues SPECIFICATIONS Full Page (Bleed) Full Page 8.75 X 11.25 8.5X11 1/2 Page 8 X 5.25 1/4 Page 4 X 5.25 BUILDING CONNECTIONS E-MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION 40% Builder NONMEMBERS STATE/local officialS 450+ MEMBERS 1000+ 60% ASSOCIATE NON-MEMBERS BUILDING CONNECTIONS STATS • Sent out to list of +1200 • Published 11 times a year • All advertisements and logos link to exterior sites HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 9

2019 MEDIA KIT & SPONSORSHIPS PAYMENT FORMS I authorize the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Fairfield County to charge the following credit card: Company ___________________________________ Name __________________________________ Telephone __________________________________ Email __________________________________ PAYMENT OPTIONS: Total _______________________________ PCheck [payable to HBRA of Fairfield County] PCredit Card Name on Card _________________________________________________________ Credit Card #: _________________________________________________________ Exp ___________ Security Code ______ Billing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________ State _____________ Zip ________________ I would like the HBRA to hold my card on file, in an effort make future payments easier. Initials required to hold card on file: _____________ Would you like a receipt after processing your transaction: P Yes P No If YES, how would you like to receive it: P Email P Fax P Mail INVOICE AUTHORIZATION: I ___________________________ authorize the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Fairfield County to send me an invoice in order to process payment for the above transaction(s). Authorized signature:_____________________________________________________ Date:_____________________ Billing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Email:______________________________________________________________________ FILE DELIVERY Please submit all artwork files to clare@buildfairfieldcounty.com with a description of the ad in the subject line All artwork should be submitted as high res PDFs, JPEGS, or PNGS with bleed and crop marks as necessary For more information, contact the HBRA office at 203-335-7008 or clare@buildfairfieldcounty.com HBRA OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY | 10

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