STRENGTHENING COMMUNITIES More than 20,000 adults come together to support kids and teens each year. Our chapters – and especially coaches – are the heart of the organization and the stewards of our experience. We work to ensure they feel supported, connected to the greater mission and inspired to bring it to life in new ways in their communities each day. First Tee experiences are fun, caring, safe, accepting and growth-oriented. Many chapters are working to expand their footprint and ways to connect with kids and teens through learning centers, including Austin, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham (First Tee of the Triangle), Seattle and Toledo (First Tee of Lake Erie). We cheer ALL of our chapters on, and are proud of their commitment to First Tee’s impact each year. From the dedication and passion the coaches, volunteers and chapter staff bring, to the rigor in training and deploying the curriculum, to the experts who help shape it, First Tee is a true family and safe harbor for the next generation.

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