DRIVING FORWARD Each year brings new opportunities to support the network and evolve what we do to ensure we are maximizing our mission. Here are some highlights from 2019: CHAPTERS: We provided support through quarterly briefings, in-person visits, five regional staff and board training conferences; national promotion supported by year-round localized templates and toolkits; and added two domestic chapters (West Texas and North Coast, CA) and two international (Morocco, Africa and Australia) to the network. CURRICULUM ENHANCEMENTS: The Bridgespan Group, a leading social impact advisor to nonprofits, completed a six-month review of our longstanding programs and with stakeholder input, plotted a detailed path for future growth and continued impact. PUTTING SAFETY FIRST: We increased resources and investment to advance our culture of safety, including prevention measures of centralized background checks and mandatory online training developed by the U.S. Center for SafeSport. FIRST TEE COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: We kicked off a robust national program that will provide alumni with financial assistance, professional development workshops and substantial mentoring throughout their college experience. The first class will be named in 2020. BRAND EVOLUTION: Significant progress was made on an evolution of our 22-year-old First Tee brand with the goal of ensuring connection with today’s kids and families, while carrying forward the core foundational equity that has been built over time. The rollout will begin in 2020.

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