F&I 20/20 The F&I Professional’s Newsletter A Division of EFI™ VOL. 1, ISSUE 2 Top stories in this issue © F&I Spotlight Stump the Pro Stop Sign Show Me the Money Stump the Pro Tony Dupaquier continues his well known “Stump the Pro” role of tackling your most difficult questions about F&I, customer types and handling objections. You’re sure to be enlightened! Page 4 Stop Sign Shannon Robertson calls upon an Industry compliance leader in this issue with a strong message and a reminder about staying under the radar. Page 16 F&I Spotlight Every issue, we’ll feature an F&I pro in their personal element and how they unwind when they’re away from the store. They’ll share with you their hobbies, community involvement and why they love this great industry. Page 5 Show Me the Money G.P. Anderson opines about the kind of goals not found on a spreadsheet and why you need to adopt them. Head on over and check out this month’s feature of Show Me the Money! Page 8 Mad Marv Mad Marv returns to offer his take on industry trends and best F&I practices. In this issue he calls out the Digital Retail folk and their merchandising practices that some Dealers have gotten caught up in. Page 17 News Around Town Produced by NADA's Industry Analysis division, NADA Market Beat is a monthly report on U.S. new light vehicle sales; it replaces the NADA Monthly Sales Recap. at June 2020 Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index – Fourth Quarter 2020 Derived from a quarterly survey that Cox Automotive issues to a representative sample of franchised and independent auto dealers from around the country, the Cox Automotive Dealer Sentiment Index (CADSI) measures dealer perceptions of current retail auto sales and sales expectations for the next three months as “strong,” “average” or “weak.” 2

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