A little fun trivia ANSWERS from last issue... *What was the former name of George Angus’ Team One Research and Training™? Answer: Summit Systems *What year, make, and model of classic car does David Robertson of AFIP own? Answer: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Convertible *Tony Dee has two weekend pastimes. Name either of them. Answer: Remote Control planes and racing his Porsche *A well known FIM continues an annual holiday tradition that helps feed people. What’s his name? Answer: G.P.Anderson. He puts on a Christmas decorating gala at his home in Wadena, MN and takes donations for homeless. “Christmas in Wadena” can be found on YouTube And check him out here https://www.christmasinwadena.com/more-about-me *A well known dealer group launched a series of funny commercials with an unusual character. What’s his species and name? Answer: Suburban Auto Group created the commercials featuring a chimpanzee named “The Trunk Monkey” *Considered the “Father of F&I”-Billionaire Pat Ryan-launched the concept of stand alone F&I offices. What was his staple product? Answer: Credit Life and Accident & Health Insurance *Who was the founder of AutoNation? Answer: Wayne Huzeinga *Famed Ford GT40 race car driver-Dan Gurney-was the first to do this after a race. What was it? Answer: He was handed an expensive bottle of Champagne and instantly thought of sharing with every one by spraying it over the immediate crowd in the winner’s circle. *What department did Teasha McMillion begin her automotive career? Answer: Parts *Why do NASCAR races run on oval tracks go counterclockwise? Answer: Because the habit and acceptance of horse racing observed in England of running counter clockwise. The direction was mimicked in the first auto races and continues to this day on circular tracks. 11

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