Say What? No matter how long you do this job, you’re going to hear the most amazing and unbelievable things popping out of the mouths of customers and staff. Here is a sampling of things overheard in the F&I office. Enjoy! Chris Zilvitis: So funny story.... I told the customer that the bank needed to do an employment verification as their were things they had questions about on the stubs. So I ask the customer for a phone number for his employer and he says xxx-xxx-xxxx. I say “Sir that can't be the one for your employer”. He asks why not. I said “Because that's your cell phone number that I'm talking to you on right now!” Anyway the customer notices the YTD snafu and comes up with a story how HR got new software and it's all screwy and they'd send new stubs. So, he emails me one. The SAME bad stub with the end date ending BEFORE the period began, and a new stub fixing the YTD but nothing else. Gregory Altieri: Customer financed with us at 0% for 72 months. Her payment at the time was $578 and included GAP and a service contact. I received a note from her today that she wanted to cancel her GAP since she refinanced her loan. I was confused. I was even more confused when she sends me the loan docs showing she refinanced with a credit union for 84 months at 7% and her payment is now $702. Blew my mind. Marv Eleazer: 68yo guy and his 65yo wife opted for Joint Credit Life and I informed them about the truncated clause which ceases at age 71. 75 month contract BTW. She asked "Well, if he dies right before age 71 will I have to keep making payments until I'm 71?" He looked over at her and said "NO! You would get the title without any more payments." Then he tossed this zinger "She'll probably die before I turn 71 so maybe I'LL get the title!" I banged my head against the table when he said that. Her jaw had dropped at this point in shock so he finally said "Come on woman. Let's leave." Joey Gormus: It finally happened. A objection that I don’t have the slightest rebuttal for. Anyone have an answer for this one? “The world is ending on November 1st so we don’t need any of that stuff” Cash deal and no I’m not kidding. This is a travel trailer-not a car! Chris Cochran: Customer came in to purchase a new Toyota from us. Toyota was offering 0%. The customer sits in front of me and I suggest, kindly, to him that since he is getting 0% that he may want to consider NOT putting $6000 down and keep that money in the bank. He told me that he had to put that money down to get to the payment he wanted. (Funny enough right there but the story is not over). After signing all of the documents I requested the $6000 and the customer told me he had to go to his bank and fill out the PERSONAL LOAN DOCS before they would give him the $6000!!!! (not over). I proceeded to ask why he thought paying 12.99% on a personal loan for cash to put down on a 0% vehicle loan was the smartest thing to do. He looked me dead in the eye and said "I don't trust car dealers and there is NO WAY I am actually getting 0%". I proceeded to show him the RISC that showed NO INTEREST!!!!! Later that day he walked in with his $6000 personal loan check. I laughed at him and said have a nice day. 12

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