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F Millions of capable students with LD/ ADHD are failing in our public schools. There are 2.4 million American public school students identified with learning disabilities.* *Source: National Center for Learning Disabilities A lack of support leads them towards a path of failure throughout life. 68% of LD/ADHD students earn high school diplomas versus 91% of peers.* *Source: US Department of Education We are all affected by the lost potential of these young people and the resulting burden on our social systems. An estimated $7.5 billion is lost each year due to higher rates of incarceration, government assistance, healthcare costs, and lost tax revenue.* *Source: The Dana Consortium Unlocking Greatness in the 1 Learn Differently Eye to Eye is the only national mentoring movement pairing kids with learning and attention issues with similarly identified college students. Our project-based social-emotional learning curriculum is designed to help children build essential self-esteem as different learners, value their unique minds, and inspire them to advocate for their needs in the classroom. Eye to Eye’s nationwide chapters partner with parents, communities, schools, and universities to create a network of advocates to surround and nurture each child. Students with learning and attention differences are welcomed into a community that helps them transform their self image from one of self-doubt to empowerment — and even their own version of greatness — by near-peers who face many of the same challenges. With our proven model, we are reversing these devastating statistics. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 2


WHAT WE DO HOW WE DO IT School-Based Mentoring Facilitating near-peer mentoring relationships that empower youth with LD/ADHD with the agency, community, and support they need to make their learning environments work for them. Eye to Eye’s goal is simple yet bold: to unlock the potential of the 1 in 5 who learn differently by supporting, empowering, and celebrating young people with learning disabilities (LD) and ADHD. Outreach and Events Going beyond the classroom to reach thousands of students, families, and educators through community events, tools and technology, and other helpful resources. Culture Change Initiatives Spreading our message widely to change the way society perceives LD/ADHD by raising awareness, reducing stigma, and elevating successful role models for students with LD/ADHD.

WHERE WE ARE 1,250+ active volunteers across the country   5,000+ successful and empowered Alumn’Eye of our program  95,000+ hearts and minds transformed through outreach & community engagement EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 5

20 YEARS OF EYE TO EYE 2005 In 2005, the project that was Eye to Eye grew into a movement with the help of now-President Marcus Soutra. Eye to Eye became a national nonprofit organization with its first two staff members who scaled it from David’s kitchen table. 2013 1998 In 1998, David Flink organized a group of college students with learning differences from Brown University to meet with similarly-identified Fox Point Elementary students. These Brown students called themselves Project Eye to Eye. The program had one simple goal: to give students hope. Eye to Eye begins using various media channels to expand its reach, changing hearts and minds more broadly. This culture change work will lay the groundwork for our PSA at the Indy 500 and our billboard in Times Square. Soon Eye to Eye had 2015 2011 2010 Eye to Eye’s Mentoring Program has now reached 50 schools in 12 states! Eye to Eye officially launches its outreach initiatives — creating the Eye to Eye Diplomats. These student speakers travel the country inspiring audiences while sharing personal stories of success and offering advice. graduates from the program who were itching to stay involved. Uniting new and old program alumni, the Eye to Eye Alumn’Eye were born! From fundraising to mentoring our current students, the Eye to Eye Alumn’Eye are constantly looking for ways to stay involved and drive the movement forward. Eye to Eye has now reached over 100 schools in 20 states!

2017 We knew our unique mentoring program needed to be accessible to all students. In order to do that as quickly as possible, the Eye to Eye App: EMPOWER Different Learners was created in partnership with ArcTouch. This app became an empowerment tool for students and an opportunity for them to create an advocacy plan to share with parents and educators. Looking Ahead 2016 As goals and dreams for Eye to Eye grew, so did our location needs. Realizing that we needed to reach more students in more schools in new locations, Eye to Eye began the search for a second home on the West Coast. An office in San Francisco would allow us to target new communities that would benefit from our social-emotional learning curriculum. 2018 Today, Eye to Eye is in 170 schools and 24 states with active involvement in all 50 states. Our program now reaches new audiences through Learn Different Days— a day of community, mentorship, learning, art, and fun. This year, research with UCSF’s BrainLENs Lab will be published showcasing the positive outcomes of Eye to Eye’s Mentoring Program. 2020 Eye to Eye has big dreams and we want you to come along for the ride. We’re in an exciting period of growth and the need to establish new partnerships with school leaders, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporations is more critical than ever. By 2020, Eye to Eye will scale our mentoring program to reach 4,500 students annually. At the same time, our outreach programs will reach more than 165,000 each year. Combined, these efforts will transform perceptions of learning and attention issues for millions. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 7

WHY DOES EYE TO EYE FOCUS ON SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING (SEL)? SEL skills are vital for students with learning differences. MENTORING MODEL    Paul Gerber (2011) found that self-advocacy and self-efficacy are crucial characteristics of highly successful LD/ADHD adults. National Center for Learning Disabilities (2015) found that young adults with LD/ADHD who are thriving post-high school have a strong sense of self-confidence and a strong connection to friends and community. Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) found that 83% of students who participated in a SEL program made academic gains.

Near-Peer Mentoring Art-Based Projects to Develop SEL Skills THE MODEL Events to Campaigns to Build Community Raise Awareness and Reduce Stigma THE IMPACT Students develop and strengthen core social-emotional skills like resilience, self advocacy, and hope for the future. THE RESULT Students are more engaged and successful in their current classroom. Students successfully transition to their next learning environment. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 9 Students experience a more supportive learning environment.

THE GROUNDBREAKING IMPACT Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and her team at UCSF’s BrainLENS Lab studied Eye to Eye’s Mentoring Program to show the role of social-emotional learning for students with learning differences. THE RESEARCH Eye to Eye is proud to be finishing an extensive research study with the University of California —San Francisco’s BrainLENS Lab. Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and her team evaluated the effects of one-to-one mentoring on social-emotional learning in adolescents with learning and attention issues. Three years ago, early research found that students with learning differences had less growth mindset, more symptoms of depression, and felt less connected to their peers. The research team determined that there was a “strong need for programs to promote social-emotional competencies in LD.” The BrainLENS Lab is examining changes in social-emotional profiles. This process is done through their “social-emotional toolkit” which is a compilation of surveys and questionnaires used to obtain one’s social-emotional profile. Constructs measured include resiliency, mindset, motivation, stigma consciousness, and other characteristics linked to social-emotional resilience. “Our research revealed statistically significant improvements for students with learning differences participating in Eye to Eye’s Mentorship Program.” -Dr. Fumiko Hoeft EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 10

THE FINDINGS Strong need for programs with socialemotional competencies to prevent negative outcomes in students with learning differences. Eye to Eye may protect students from feeling disconnected amongst peers who do not have a learning difference. When a student participates in Eye to Eye, they feel more comfortable in identifying with their learning difference. Eye to Eye may help increase a student’s self-esteem, putting them statistically significantly higher in their personal growth than students without learning differences. Depressive symptoms in students are more likely to decrease as their self-esteem increases. Without Eye to Eye, many students with learning differences believe their intelligence is less capable of change. Eye to Eye may help students begin to believe in a growth mindset. Depression Self-Esteem EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 11

OUTREACH AND EVENTS EYE TO EYE DIPLOMATS HAVE SPOKEN AT MORE THAN 530 EVENTS REACHING MORE THAN 95,000 PEOPLE Finding your voice and giving it bold expression creates a chain of confidence that changes the world. Eye to Eye Diplomats are living proof that for a young person with a learning or attention issue, this statement couldn’t ring truer. These successful students with learning differences, and Senior Diplomats — established leaders from all sectors — inspire audiences through keynote addresses, commencement speeches, guest lectures, workshops & seminars, panels & testimonials, podcasts & TV interviews, and more. When you believe in yourself as a different learner, as these Diplomats encourage others to do, you see yourself as an equal… to anyone. Invite Eye to Eye to your next event!

LEARN DIFFERENT DAYS: EYE TO EYE BRINGS ITS AWARD-WINNING PROGRAMMING FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE COMMUNITY This year, Eye to Eye launched a new series of events sponsored by Understood.org, Children’s Health Council, and the Child Mind Institute. These regional community events give students and families without access to our program at their schools, the chance to experience the magic of Eye to Eye’s community and curriculum for a day. We piloted these events throughout the country making stops in Boulder, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Madison, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and more. After an overwhelmingly positive response, we have added more locations coast-to-coast to include even more students and families. “I found invaluable knowledge and resources to learn how to support my child. A wonderful day where I discovered a community.” - Marissa, Parent from New York City “I learned that Be informed, be inspired, and join the community. Learn Different Days are coming to a city near you! EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 14 I learn differently, and I met students and mentors I can relate to.” - Robbie, Student from Boulder

Young Leaders Organizing Institute Class of 2018 EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 15

RESOURCES AND CULTURE CHANGE Eye to Eye’s network of more than 20,000 student leaders, Mentors, Alumn’Eye, and supporters flood social media and local, regional, and national press to raise awareness and bring attention and visibility to learning and attention issues. This year, we expect more than 50,000 direct acts of engagement on social media, and more than one million views to various articles, videos, and podcasts that our team will author, contribute to, or be featured in. 2018 PRESS HIGHLIGHTS MARCH 30, 2018 LEADERSHIP STABILITY, ORGANIZATIONAL FLEXIBILITY FUNDAMENTAL TO THE 2018 TOP NONPROFITS TO WORK FOR MAY 9, 2018 8 TIPS FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING AND ATTENTION ISSUES TO SUCCEED AT WORK Eye to Eye was honored to represent our community at Made By Dyslexia’s Global Summit in London amongst thought leaders from 13 countries. OCTOBER 1 , 2018 CHANGING THE CULTURE OF LEARNING DISABILITIES AND EDUCATION

EYE TO EYE EMPOWER APP Over the past 12 months, our app has been downloaded by thousands of students and educators worldwide! Microsoft, with its toolkit of assistive technologies, provides students with learning and attention issues the tools they need to accommodate how they learn best. Eye to Eye is proud to partner with Microsoft Education in our shared mission to empower students everywhere. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 17

OUR COMMUNITY JENNY KRAUSE 3,500+ EDUCATORS NATIONWIDE HAVE CHAMPIONED THE MISSION More than 3,500 educators have volunteered with Eye to Eye to serve as advisors at their school sites and in their communities, including more than 300 in the 2017-18 school year alone. Among them is Jenny Krause who received our 2018 Educator Excellence Award. Jenny believed in Eye to Eye early on — and when few others did. As the Continuous I always say people with learning differences are inspiring. They're accepting of everybody. They know that everybody is different. And they want to build everybody in that community up, no matter if you have a learning difference or not. Improvement Supervisor for the Wyoming Dept. of Education, she was the first education leader to partner with Eye to Eye on a statewide level. She supports our programs by referring families, navigating administrative hurdles and challenges at the school sites, and advocating for investment from the Wyoming Dept. of Education. “Jenny has transformed the way schools in Wyoming work with students who have an LD,” shared Marcus Soutra. “Her passion, positivity, and determination have set a foundation for these students to succeed and find pride in their learning differences.”

SUPPORTERS ENSURE WE CONTINUE REACHING THE 1 IN 5 The Andlinger family is a key supporter of our work to empower the 1 in 5 students across the country with learning differences and attention issues. Like many families, learning differences have played a challenging role in the lives of the Andlingers. Jeanne and her son, Tristan who both have learning differences, first met Eye to Eye in 2013. Then, the Andlinger family’s view on learning differences was flipped upside down — from seemingly impossible to overcome, to a gift and superpower that should be celebrated. Tristan has been a volunteer at Eye to Eye events like the Young Leaders Organizing Institute and the Diplomats Summit sharing his skills in media and photography, but most importantly his voice as a different learner. Jeanne and her family have been proud supporters and ambassadors of our work since 2013, which led to their recognition as Eye to Eye’s 2018 Community Champion Recipient. Together, we’ve accomplished so much to support families across the country in reducing the stigma around learning differences. We’re honored that the Andlinger family is a part of the special LD community that is Eye to Eye. THE ANDLINGER FAMILY Eye to Eye is just like a lifeboat to us. I was so grateful to be connected to Eye to Eye because from my experience I thought that’s what my son really needs, is to know that he’s not alone. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 19

OUR COMMUNITY LANGSTON BEALUM EYE TO EYE SETS UP THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS FOR SUCCESS Since he could remember, Langston Bealum always had trouble writing. He often heard, ‘You just aren’t trying hard enough.’ He started to believe it. “If when I was young, I met someone who had an LD and was successful in school that would have changed my life. I want to be that person for younger people.” It wasn’t until sixth grade, through the keen observations of a good friend with the same struggles, that Langston was identified as a different learner with dysgraphia. Although he could finally put a name to his challenges, the label felt foreign and alienating. He found motivation through the continual support of his mother. “No matter the subject, or how ungrateful or annoying I was, she was always there,” he shared. Six years later, Langston’s teacher told him about a new program coming to the school to help mentor kids struggling with learning and attention issues. Remembering how isolated he felt at twelve—when he knew only one other student with learning differences—he jumped at the opportunity to become a part of the Eye to Eye community. This year, during the Young Leaders Organizing Institute, Langston was honored with the Jess Ettenger Award for his exceptional enthusiasm, compassion, and spirit.

ALUMN’EYE GIVING BACK Eye to Eye was proud to honor two incredible Alumn’Eye during our 2018 Spring Into Greatness Event. Both Nadine Abraham, who is a founding member of the Alumn’Eye Board and Stephen Neidich who was Eye to Eye’s 2015 Artist in Residence have paid it forward to the Eye to Eye community. Stephen Neidich “I’m lucky because I have the support of parents who when I was identified with a learning disability were willing to understand what I was going through. Most people do not have access to the resources that my family did. That is where Eye to Eye comes in. To give support and a voice to the kids who could and very often are simply overlooked. Through advocating an approach through arts rather than more traditional methods, I believe that Eye to Eye is helping push us towards seeing the brilliance in our differences.” -Stephen Neidich “As an original member of the Eye to Eye Alumn’Eye Board, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to elevate student stories and share Eye to Eye’s powerful message. I have seen firsthand how Eye to Eye changes lives, including mine, and am so proud to be part of such an empowering organization. I am honored to be recognized as one of the 2018 Alumn’Eye Heroes of the Year, and look forward to continuing to contribute to this great work together.” -Nadine Abraham EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 21 Nadine Abraham

ACCOUNTABILITY Our promise to our students is to be here for them when they need us. Our primary financial objective is to create a sustainable financial model that makes good on that promise. As Eye to Eye expands to serve more students, sustainability requires diverse sources of funding and a watchful eye on expenses to ensure a high return on your investment — more students with learning differences achieving their full potential. REVENUE 33% 39% Revenue $3.8 million 12% 16% EXPENSES Program 6% 16% Expenses $2.8 million 78% Development Administration Total expenses $2,173,366 $431,010 $172,026 $2,776,402 ǂ Includes $1,470,740 in revenue committed in FY 2016-17 designated to support expenses in FY 2017-18. LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Accounts Payable & Accruals Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Assets Total liabilities & net assets $42,715 $791,514 $2,326,141 $3,160,370 Foundation & Corporate Grants Individual & Family Gifts Program & Partner Fees In-Kind, Interest & Other Payment of Prior Year Pledges ǂ Total revenue $1,244,323 $630,405 $456,971 $16,217 $1,470,740 $3,818,656 ASSETS Cash & Investments Pledges Receivable Prepaid Expenses & Other Furniture & Equipment, Net Total assets $358,523 $2,754,627 $3,285 $43,935 $3,160,370

WHAT’S NEXT? The research behind our model makes our goal clear. In 2019 and beyond, Eye to Eye will scale to impact more students and more schools across the country. This work is only possible through the strong support of our community by our side. We are sincerely grateful for the donors, educators, parents, and allies who have championed the movement. And we are thankful for the students bravely declaring they are #LDProudtoBe! We’re honored to serve the 1 in 5. To learn more about how you can ignite our next phase of growth to dramatically serve more students, please visit eyetoeyenational.org. EYE TO EYE ANNUAL REPORT 2018| PAGE 23

West Coast 2001 Center Street, Floor 4 Berkeley, CA 94704 (628) 400-4106 East Coast eyetoeyenational.org 50 Broad Street, Suite 1702 New York, NY 10004 (212) 537-4429

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