MEET our TEAM the vision get to know CEO Vicki Bowen Hewes the empowerment team 2 3 5 6 PWG leadership past and present Ctable of success lives here stories from our women 6 leaving a lasting impression driven to serve notes from our volunteers 18 19 cyrus littlejohn VIDEO PRODUCTION anita robinson elba Bierdeman, President ebony edwards DESIGN ASSISTANT PERSONAL ASSISTANT MBOARD OF DIRECTORS Cheryl Hooker, Past President Amy Ashcraft Scarlett Bouder, Vice President Toni M. Cunningham Alison Goldstein Carolyn Holly, Secretary Dress for Success Cleveland and Vocational Guidance Service are founding partners of our local mission. 1 | TABLE OF CONTENTS Heather Loughley, Governance Chair Marcie Merriman Ellie Merritt Jennifer Peterson, Communication Chair Angie Shifflette Katrina Levy Zidel linda tulley WRITER serbennia davis WRITER jehan daugherty PHOTOGRAPHER ONTENTS courtney morse WRITER valerie brooms WRITER heather loughley WRITER nicole sillaman melissa dilley faith marsco EXECUTIVE EDITOR EXECUTIVE EDITOR CREATIVE DIRECTOR mcquetta williams EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Program / Administration Jessica LaBarge, Program Services Coordinator Michelle J. King, Contributions Coordinator D. Malone Jones, Director of Career Development Emily Langhals, Y.E.S! Columbus President Nicole Sillaman, W2W Mentoring Vicki Bowen Hewes, CEO

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