Mission of EnVision Proven Success The Dress for Success Columbus magazine “EnVision Proven Success” aims to bring community awareness to the struggle of women in the Columbus community in obtaining, sustaining, and advancing their careers. Through fundraising and corporate and individual donations, Dress for Success Columbus is able to serve many women in need each year through interview suiting, work attire donations, and career development assistance. The mission of Dress for Success Columbus “is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of envision proven success: a dream Why Me, Why Now? As chairperson of EnVision Proven Success, I am support, and the career development tool to help women thrive in work and in life”. This magazine, EnVision Proven Success, is intended to provide insight into what happens to the women we serve after they’ve visited our suiting boutique for the first time. Our women have achieved great accomplishments and overcome barriers unimagined by most, and EnVision Proven Success truly demonstrates that this is just the beginning. My dream for EnVision Proven Success My passion for the mission of Dress for Success Columbus had led me to follow my dream to create the first publication of EnVision Proven Success, which ultimately will increase community awareness for all the disadvantaged women that come through Dress for Success Columbus. The publication of EnVision Proven Success illustrates how we, as women going through transition adapt to only looking in the mirror at what’s ahead, and then we can envision our perspective, progress and proficiency, in our future careers as a proven success. As recipients, we are motivated to continue to keep our eyes on the road ahead and not fixated on our rearview mirror that might find our lives accidentally smashed by objects we didn’t see just in front of us eager to share the journey of the clients, describing our struggles as disadvantaged women. Most women encounter struggles throughout life, but as women in vulnerable circumstances, our struggles are significant. Due to the generous support of Dress for Success Columbus contributors, we are able to access transformative programs offered at the mission freeof-charge, and we are moving forward with success. In other words, we don’t look like what we’ve been through! This is our way to show the world that we are now succeeding! We all stumble and go through challenging situations, and because of Dress for Success Columbus programs, we have the confidence to stand tall. Acknowledgements I would first and foremost like to thank God for the inspiration to develop EnVision Proven Success. Additionally, I would like to thank the CEO of Dress for Success Columbus, Vicki Bowen Hewes, who gave me permission to follow my dreams, and all the staff and board members. A special ‘Thanks’ is also extended to Grange Insurance Company and Natalina Fickell for sponsoring Dress for Success Columbus’s first edition of EnVision Proven Success! McQuetta Williams Dress for Success Columbus Advocate, PWG Member “EnVision Proven Success” Chairperson above left: McQuetta Williams does not look like what she has been through. left: McQuetta’s children, Sterling, Tamani, and Willie, celebrate alongside their mother for her birthday. THE VISION | 2

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