BINGO BOOKS & FL As the major supplier to the bingo industry we offer an extensive range of tickets and fl yers to suit everyone’s budget. • 4.5” side glued • 4.0” top glued • 60 number • 75 number • 80 number • 90 number • Basic ‘no frills’ book • All in one personalised book • Flyers • Generic or Branded • Why not include advertising If you would like to discuss options or how we can produce a product for you give us a call on 0191 514 4199 or email clientservices@edwardthompson.com. CARLTON C CONNECTION O 2 2 PAGE PA LILAC 8 GAME IN HOUSE BOOK ‘’Enjo a meal meal Enj from ourrom our bistro and ba meal and drink Enjoy aoynjjo eal a om o and bar meal and bar mea omour b eal and al and m ou m our b bar’’

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