FUN GAMES We now have a selection of ‘off the shelf’ fun games designed to add excitement to your sessions. • 9 from 36 number games • Quick fun games • Generate increased revenue • Available in print and on handheld tablets • Dedicated TDM with 8 themed designs and 1 generic design • Bespoke games can be created - personal to you. If you are interested in bespoke custom games to suit any theme give us a call on 0191 514 4199 or email clientservices@edwardthompson.com. DIDDIDABS 12 16 B I N G O 1 Dolli Dabbi Daddi 30 Diddi 21 32 34 Dibbi Doddi u Luc y Dippi © edwardthompson 2020 27 Dotti 36 Lu 1CR 0001 9 3 8 6 7 7 CALL ON THE BONUS NUMB MBER TO DO DOUBLE BER T DOUB UBL 1AF 0001 MBER TO DOO DOUBLE Y OUBL OUR WBLE Y R WIN E YOU YOUR WIN 1 N 4 0 13 16 12 US NU 177 5 1 CALL ON THE BONUS NUMBER TO DOU UMB R TO D NUSNUMBS N MBER TO DOUBLE Y NUMBER TO OUBLE OUR WUBLE OUR WINBLE Y R WIN DOUB E YOU YOURWIN 14 B B O O N N U U S S U U M M B B E E R R • • B B O O R R N N U U S S M M N N U U B B E E • •

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