Annual Report 2019

A STORY THAT’S STILL BEING WRITTEN What if the worst days of your life became your identity, the story you believed about yourself? Many children come to Eagle Ranch thinking they already know how their story will end. At Eagle Ranch, we help boys and girls see themselves as God sees them. To experience grace and redemption. To have the courage to be accountable for their choices. To have a chance to enjoy childhood. To learn how to grow into responsible adults with healthy families and a hopeful future. You can help us change a child’s story.

OUR STORY STARTS HERE From humble beginnings in 1985, Eagle Ranch has grown to become one of the Southeast’s largest residential children’s programs. Our 315-acre campus in Flowery Branch is a peaceful environment for reflection and healing. We provide a Christ-centered home, education and counseling for nearly 70 boys and girls. Children are given the structure, stability and time needed to work through a crisis situation and return to their families. Serving over 40 counties in North Georgia and metro Atlanta, Eagle Ranch is changing lives in local communities, leading to positive and productive futures. EaglE Ranch Key Service Area

2018: THE YEAR IN REVIEW 82 boys and girls received residential care, counseling, educational and spiritual support. 100% of families served said Eagle Ranch has helped them identify needed changes and make progress toward their child’s return home. 150 therapeutic professionals attended continuing education workshops and events hosted by Eagle Ranch. 286 parents, siblings and family members took part in counseling, parent groups, and support services. 6 MONTHS is the amount of time Eagle Ranch serves families after a child returns home. The Eagle Ranch Continued Care Program provides counseling, education and recreational activities for children and their families to help make the transition home easier and to ensure lasting change. 90% of students at Eagle Ranch School met their academic and/or behavioral goals by the end of the school year, up from 44% at the start of the year. DEBT-FREE Eagle Ranch has remained debt-free since its inception. No project or program is started until all funding is secured. 20 non-profit organizations that help children and families received mentoring and assistance through Eagle Ranch’s Wings Initiative.

An investment for GENERATIONS In a world promising quick fixes and instant success, we help families understand that lasting change takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. During a child’s 18-24 month stay at Eagle Ranch, we provide their family ongoing support. Families come to Eagle Ranch regularly for counseling sessions and to attend parent lasting change takes time support meetings. We help identify and resolve problems that may impact current and future generations to help change a family’s story. “Just being at the Ranch makes you feel closer to God. It’s where I’ve had the most breakthroughs in my life: in my relationship with God, and my relationship with my mom.” Chrissa, 2008 Eagle Ranch Graduate Pictured above with son, Jacob

A LOOK at the FAMILIES YOU HELPED in 2018 The families Eagle Ranch serves reflect the types of families in Georgia and across the United States today. In Georgia, 45 percent of children are born to unwed parents. More than 112,000 Georgia grandparents are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren. Fifty percent of the 60 million children under the age of 13 in the U.S. are currently living with one biological parent and that parent’s current partner. (Source: CDC.gov) 43% The children we served in 2018 are being raised by: 10% SINGLE PARENTS BLENDED FAMILY 20% ADOPTIVE FAMILY 16% GRANDPARENTS 11% NATURAL PARENTS There is no such thing as a “typical family.” Eagle Ranch helps families of all types build and strengthen: Relationships – Cooperating, caring for and respecting others Communication – Being clear about needs and expectations Structure – Creating a consistent home environment Accountability – Being responsible for choices and actions Resiliency – Increasing ability to work through difficulties Connections – Finding support through church and the community 2018 Graduate Armani (right) with his mom and brother (pictured above). To read Armani’s story, visit EagleRanch.org/AR19 “Eagle Ranch is a great program. It brought our family closer together. It taught us things about each other that we didn’t even know — it even taught me things about myself that I didn’t know. We are thankful to everyone here. This program works.” Flavius, Father of Eagle Ranch Graduate 2015 Graduate Michelle and mom

A Firm Foundation We help boys and girls see how all areas of their lives are connected and important to their success.

Eagle Ranch’s residential program enables us to provide care in every aspect of a child’s life: emotional, academic, social, physical and spiritual. COUNSELING Counseling benefits the whole family, including siblings that may still be living at home. Our team of Licensed Professional Counselors provides: • Individual, group and family counseling • Parent groups • Educational events • Continued Care counseling to help families succeed after completing our program Our Integrated Program HOMELIFE Our campus includes 10 neighborhood-style homes staffed by professionally trained Houseparent couples and Program Assistants who: • Provide a structured and stable home environment • Live and teach principles for healthy family relationships • Reinforce positive decision making • Share family meals and activities EDUCATION Our SACS-accredited on-campus school for grades 6-9 helps children close any existing academic gaps and promotes success through: • Small classes with a Licensed Teacher & Paraprofessional • Targeted goal setting and instruction • Read 180 reading progress program • Exploratory classes to broaden horizons and build life skills SPIRITUAL LIFE We see families thrive when faith is their cornerstone. Our Spiritual Life team provides guidance and ways to connect with Christ through: • Bible study and devotions • Family worship nights • Instruction and mentorship • Involvement in local churches and youth groups


DEBT-FREE SINCE 1985, we are careful stewards of all that is entrusted to us. Thanks to donations from our community, we have the freedom to develop and shape our program to best serve children and their families. We receive no government funding and are completely privately funded. We focus on delivering the best care in our field. 9% 10% 81% DIRECTLY TO SUPPORT CHILDREN Administrative Fundraising Eagle Ranch continues to Eagle Ranch exceeds the 65% industry standard for ethical non-profit spending. receive Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating. SOURCES OF REVENUE IN 2018 ENDOWMENT DONATIONS TO GENERAL OPERATIONS 12% HONOR AND MEMORIAL PROGRAM SERVICES SPECIAL EVENTS AND OTHER Our 2018 budget was $4.2 million. 10% 5% 2% 71% GENERAL OPERATIONS 28 CHURCHES 10 CIVIC CLUBS 1 ESTATE 1,760 INDIVIDUALS 159 BUSINESSES 57 FOUNDATIONS “Eagle Ranch sets the bar for non-profit stewardship. Their use of private donations and resources to serve children and families is impressive, and the help they provide each boy and girl in their care is exceptional.” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

ANOTHER CHANCE AT CHILDHOOD Life slows down at Eagle Ranch, giving boys and girls another chance to enjoy their childhood. Many children experience a season of firsts and breakthroughs as they participate in a variety of activities, develop new skills and build confidence. An annual volunteer-led triathlon gives children a way to train and work to achieve tangible goals. Instead of surfing the web, children explore the great outdoors. Screen-time is minimized, maximizing time spent outside pursuing healthier recreational fun. From team sports to independent activities, boys and girls find ways to play that connect with their interests.

Building trust and connecting with an animal can be the key to restoring trust in broken relationships. Our equine program provides a therapeutic setting where children can build a bond with horses. Our wooded ropes course is one of many recreational activities that teach teamwork, trust and communication. Eagle Ranch’s Lake Hosch is a central gathering place on our campus and is used for fishing, boating and learning about the environment.

“I am more confident in myself at school now. My goal for this quarter at school is to keep all A’s and B’s.” Spencer, 13 The Hope Home A Case Study: Rewriting a Story of Struggle to Success Some of the struggles that Spencer, 13, experienced in school prior to his arrival at Eagle Ranch in early 2018 were angry outbursts, inattentiveness at school and refusal to participate in class or homework. The following case study explores how Eagle Ranch School helped Spencer get to the root of his academic problems and create a plan he could follow to make positive change. Spencer working with the Read 180 program

Finding Keys for Success Spencer was easily frustrated because he struggled with focus, time management and organizational skills. As he fell behind, he shut down because he didn’t see how he could possibly catch up. Eagle Ranch School identified three ways Spencer could experience success. 1 Grade Level Transition Program Spencer failed 7th grade. The transition program temporarily placed him in 8th grade. If he maintained an average of 75% or greater in all academic classes for nine weeks, he would be officially placed into 8th grade for the remainder of the year. RESULT Spencer maintained an 80% average and was placed in 8th grade. He continues to improve his grades as he completes this school year. 2 Upward Bound Exploratory Class Exploratory classes allow students to learn new skills. The Upward Bound class is designed to identify challenges and teach study skills to help increase academic achievement. RESULT Spencer learned how to organize and keep up with homework. He received tutoring in difficult subjects and had extra time to work on assignments. He has increased participation in class. 3 Read 180 Program Read 180 combines group and independent learning to develop reading skills. Spencer enjoys the computer-guided exercises using headphones, which help him to focus and follow at his own pace. RESULT Spencer significantly improved his reading level and continues to make progress. He now exhibits motivation and enthusiasm for reading and has greater focus in all of his classes. Spencer’s journey continues, and as he grows in his academic confidence, he is one step closer to rewriting his story. Beyond school, he is making improvements in other areas of his life and demonstrating leadership among his peers. “I am certainly proud of Spencer for his academic accomplishments and significant progress,” noted Academic Support Coordinator Carrie McClain. “But what makes my heart smile the most is witnessing Spencer recognize his worth.”

The Next Chapter Wings Update La Casa de mi Padre San Salvador, El Salvador La Casa de mi Padre’s 3rd home, the Joy Home, will welcome eight girls when it is completed this August. In 2006, Eagle Ranch began assisting and consulting with La Casa de mi Padre in El Salvador. The ministry has grown to model itself after Eagle Ranch, even naming its homes similarly. Currently serving 27 children, La Casa is building its third residential home, the Joy Home, which will serve eight more girls. The government of El Salvador named La Casa de mi Padre the top children’s home in the country and a model for others to follow. Since 1996, Eagle Ranch’s Wings Initiative has helped organizations and individuals plan, start or retool children’s programs and other non-profit organizations. More to come in 2019: The Wings Initiative is developing new content. A new video and written guides will be made available to children’s programs and other non-profit organizations. “ In 2007, Eddie Staub and I walked the property here and planned where every building and home would go. Now, that master plan is coming together exactly as we had planned.” Gary Powell Co-Founder, Executive Director La Casa de mi Padre The Joan Whitcomb Girls Center opened in April 2019, offering our girls an opportunity to build confidence and promote physical wellness. The Soaring Futures Legacy Program continues to build an endowment that will secure the future of Eagle Ranch. The deadline to join the Founder’s Circle, with any size gift, is December 31, 2019. Find out how you can contribute through your will or designated gift at EagleRanch.org/AR19. Help Make Life Better for Children There are many ways you can partner with Eagle Ranch to further our mission: giving an honor or memorial gift, funding a specific need, or contributing to our daily operations.You can also leave a legacy by designating “Eagle Ranch, Inc.” as a beneficiary in your will, trust or life insurance policy. To learn more or make a gift, call 770.967.8500 or visit: EagleRanch.org/Give 2018 Graduate Armani with his mom and brother (pictured above).To read about Armani’s story, visit EagleRanch.org/AR19

“I felt lost in the middle of my chaotic life. I loved that I could just be present at Eagle Ranch . . . get away from distractions and focus on what I was going through. It’s hard to pause life and work on yourself. The Ranch gave me that opportunity.” Arianne 2015 Eagle Ranch Graduate and EagleRanch.org/AR19 University of North Georgia Student Read Arianne’s story at When Does a N CHILD eed Eagle Ranch? Call 770.967.8500 or visit us online. EagleRanch.org/AR19

Our Mission Eagle Ranch helps make life better for children and their families, positively impacting communities for the glory of God. OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS STEVE GILLIAM, CHAIR Partner, Smith, Gilliam, Williams & Miles CRAIG BARRS Retired Executive Vice President, External Affairs, Georgia Power Company FOUNDER’S MESSAGE Our lives are like a story. It’s those pages in between that bring definition to who we are. For the boys and girls who come to Eagle Ranch, the first pages of their story have been difficult and discouraging. During a recent devotional time with the children, I shared that the first pages of their story don’t have to be predictive of how it will continue. Eagle Ranch represents the start of new pages in their life to bring hope and healing not just to them, but also to their family. Our hope is that, through their time here, the trajectory of their life and the content of their story going forward will be profoundly changed. As supporters of this mission, you help make the hopefulness found in these new pages possible. Thank you for investing in generations to come. God’s blessings to you and your family. Eddie Staub Eagle Ranch Founder and Executive Director GREG BOYD Owner, Intellicom Wireless Management MIKE CALLAHAN, President and CEO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Human Resource Executive, Wrigley ROB FOWLER Executive Vice President, Turner, Wood and Smith TOM FULLER Retired Chief Financial Officer, 22squared JEFF HENDERSON Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church KRISTEN LEWIS Attorney, Tax Practice, Smith, Gambrell & Russell MART MARTIN Founder, 3 Key Questions COURTNEY AMOS DAN CATHY VINCE DOOLEY, Emeritus ELIZABETH HARRIS GLEN JACKSON EARL LEONARD DAN QUINN OUR BOARD OF ADVISORS DAVID RATCLIFFE DAN REEVES WENDELL STARKE JOHN WIELAND PHILIP WILHEIT JENNER WOOD DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC SARA STORCK Brand Strategy, Marketing, Chick-fil-A, Inc. BRITTANY THOMS Co-Founder and Partner, See.Spark.Go JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners EAGLE RANCH FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES BLAIR CUNNINGHAM STEVE GILLIAM ROY JONES LYNN PRICE KIRBY THOMPSON ROBERT WYNNE Eagle Ranch 2019 Board of Directors with Founder and Executive Director Eddie Staub. “I have been involved with Eagle Ranch since its earliest days and have witnessed its sustained commitment to children, families and communities across Georgia and beyond. The Eagle Ranch mission has staying power. It will continue to touch and transform lives for many, many years to come. I am very confident of this compelling fact.” GLEN JACKSON, CO-FOUNDER, JACKSON SPALDING

“Going home to me means that I’ve truly overcome adversity. It means that I have something to be proud of while on this journey.” Tre’Von, 16, The Peace Home Pictured with mom and sister

NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE Be Part of Our Story There are many opportunities to be involved with Eagle Ranch. From praying for our children and staff to volunteering, our mission is made possible by people like you. Call 770.967.8500 to learn more, or visit EagleRanch.org/GetInvolved PAID Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502 GAINESVILLE, GA PERMIT #82 OUR CORE VALUES We have an unwavering faith in Christ. We consider the care of children a sacred trust. We partner with families to help make life better. We create a peaceful, stable environment. We are a community that serves communities. We are committed to timeless innovation. We are careful stewards. E a g l E R a n c h . o R g

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