ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT I n light of the national pandemic necessitating the temporary of in-person workplaces, end the entertainment industry innovates methods to continue creating content. While some take advantage of new conditions to expand their platform, however, others have seemingly lost the ability to make enjoyable entertainment. On platforms like Youtube, many continue their work with limited obstacles, while weekly shows with sets and large casts find ways to work with limited resources. Taking a look at one of these shows, “Saturday Night Live,” becomes apparent that the quality of their show has dropped. The skits dragged on for ten minutes for a mediocre joke that could’ve landed in 30 seconds. They did find a way to include every member of their cast and connect every segment with a causal flow, and that alone is impressive. That said, satisfactory content is out there. The Youtube channel “Some Good News,” hosted by John Krasinski, is a compilation of inspiring or uplifting videos and stories that remind us even in these challenging times there is still good. It supports active members of the workforce and what others are doing during this time, and reminds people that they are not alone; everyone is going through the same emotions. On cable, most can continue making the Entertainment manages without live audiences By Aler Giffin same intriguing segments that they were making in the past, and focus on the level of material and editing. Shows like “Late Night with Seth Myers” make the best of staying at home and using editing skills to put together a news like show involving pictures and discussing pressing matters while in the comfort of his home office. It is apparent the talk show industry is finding ways to work around difficulties and improve their content. Even though some titles have taken a dip from their standards, they are enjoyable to watch and help combat boredom. 27 The Jolly Roger | June 2020

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